It is a little known fact
that ‘Sir’ Comrade Chairman
Bob Mugabe was regularly
bullied by two school prefects

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office took Comrade Bob’s Knighthood away today. That is the news but the scandal is that he had it in the first place. Douglas Hurd, who affected a Senior Moment and not to recall the occasion on Question Time the other night, gave it him in 1994 by which time it was a well-established fact that Mugabe was a blood-soaked tyrant.

More to the point it was well established that he was a criminal, he having set his genocidal, North Korean-trained Shona attack dogs on the hapless Matabele people in the early 1980s. But he was coming to dinner and what do you give one of the richest men in Africa that he has not already got?

The FCO specialises in this nauseating sort of cuddling up to dictators – they were big chums of Nicolas Causescu of Romania in his heyday – and everyone should be wondering why they placed Her Majesty in the embarrassing position of having to act on their rotten advice.

Meanwhile erstwhile Mugabe-lover Peter Hain finally got to his feet and denounced his former hero in Parliament. That Mugabe has been a genocidal racist criminal responsible for the death, torture and persecution of tens of thouseands of Zimbabweans over the last twenty-seven years seems until now to have escaped him. It really is a bit late to find your voice when you are actually at the gates of Damascus.