Our clever Prime Minister has a Death Wish

Bearing in mind that our gutless, dishonourable, dishonest and duplicitous Prime Minister is even less popular than Neville Chamberlain, one might expect that he would be doing all he can to improve his standing with the electorate. With the recent YouGov Poll in mind, McStalin must therefore be rueing the praise being lavished upon him by his fellow Europhiles.

That poll, and dozens of others over recent years, must have suggested to someone supposedly as formidably intellectual as he that the British people do not want ‘more Europe’. Let us remind ourselves of YouGov’s key findings:

54% agreed with the statement that “The government should drop the Lisbon Treaty and not try and ratify it”.

Just 14% agreed that “The government should carry on and ratify the Lisbon Treaty in the UK”.

Labour voters are 46% to 19% against continuing ratification of the Treaty.

Asked which of the following statements about Britain’s future relations with the EU came closest to their own view:

29% said that “The UK should stay in the EU”.

38% said that “The UK should stay in the single market but pull out of the other political elements of the EU”.

24% said “The UK should leave the EU altogether”

This echoes a position consistently evinced by the British public over recent years. And even Labour supporters are keen for Britain to pull the rug from underneath the Lisbon Treaty which is now an orphan being nursed by Nanny Brown. In short the Treaty is deeply unloved by the electorate.

So what does this supposedly great politician go and do? He makes sure the Bill to ratify the Treaty passes its final Parliamentary stages and then nips off to see his fellow Europhiles (since McStalin has shown such devotion to the cause of Euro federalism by denying the British people a referendum and by railroading the Treaty through Parliament, we must account him a Europhile, for no other explanation for his behaviour can explain such single-minded enthusiasm for the Federalist cause) who, according to the Telegraph, were bedside themselves with pleasure at his solidarity with the cause:

Mr Pöttering, a German Christian Democrat close to Angela Merkel, suggested that the example of Britain will be used to pressurise countries, such as the Czech Republic, who are resisting plans to isolate Ireland by ratifying the EU Treaty.

“I ask all those countries which have not yet ratified to follow the great example of the United Kingdom,” he said.

Emperor José himself was also deeply moved:

José Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission, also had praise for Mr Brown.

“I would like to congratulate the United Kingdom on the approval of the Treaty,” he said.

“I would like to thank the Government and Parliament for the constant support for the new Treaty during the negotiation and ratification process.”

Brown may have tried to sign this wretched Treaty hugger-mugger back in December, out of sight and out of mind, but the truth of the matter is that he is in fact an EU enthusiast who has played a leading part in not just the drawing up of this Treaty but also the gerrymander that is seeing it through the process of ratification.

Thus it is no surprise that his little monkey would trot out the ‘respect the Irish vote’ line but that he himself would immediately lend all his weight (which is not much these days, seeing how he is a lame-duck PM these days) to the cause of threatening and belittling the Ireland’s decisive democratic decision.

What is so puzzling is why Brown is going out of his way to stick his fingers up the nostrils of the electorate at a moment when he needs all the help he can get in courting it. It suggests a death wish on his part of sizeable proportions.

On the other hand, one is bound to ask why, given the same polls, Cameron and the Conservative party are not doing more to take advantage of Brown’s stupidity. Could it be that when it comes to Europe Cameron, Hague et al. are “all spin and no delivery”?