Sarkozy: already plotting the
Anti-democrats next fix

The failure of the MSM as well as the bloated Eurocracy to understand the implications of the sublime framboise the Irish have blown at the EU’s antidemocratic power-grab is excellently highlighted by Richard North on EU Referendum. I have nothing useful to add to that today save a little snippet from the increasingly ridiculous French Bantam, Nicholas Sarkozy.

Quoted in US News & World Report, the next holder of the EU presidency said this:

“A lot of Europeans do not understand how we are shaping Europe right now and building Europe, and we have to take account of that. And we have to do so very fast. We have to change our way of building Europe,” he said, according to a translation of his French comments.

Sarkozy said the European Union “was set up to protect. And yet it worries so many Europeans … I take the Irish `no’ as a call for us to do things differently and do things better.”

It is a matter of considerable note that this anti-democrat, who has studiously avoided giving his fellow Frencmen the chance to give or to withhold their whole-hearted consent to Le Grand Projet, merely acknowledges that it is their manner of building Europe that has been trashed, but plainly implies that ‘building Europe’ remains the Holy Grail. All he plans to do is to change the way in which Le Grand Projet is forced down out throats.

He says that he takes Ireland’s ‘No!’ as a call to carry on as before but do it in a different way, not as the driving of a stake through Europe’s heart.

Further to overwork a much-worn phrase of this week: ‘Which bit of ‘Non!’ does this strutting little chicken not understand, pray?’

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