A Nation once again,
A Nation once again,
And lreland, long a province, be
A Nation once again!

I am under no illusion about what the response of the EU to what looks like the exhilarating news that the people of Ireland have defenestrated their rotten Treaty will be. Plan ‘C’ has been long in the planning against the day anyone might have the temerity to refuse to kowtow. But for now we are left with the thought that when the people are asked, they say “NO!”.

In a moment I have forgiven the Irish for having given succour and sustenance to the bombers and the murderers of Sinn Féin-IRA and their failure to join the fight against Germany. We must now put that behind us and embrace our cousins, for cousins they are, for refusing to knuclke under the thrall of the EuroNabobery.

Now the fight can begin again to secure a referendum here, though I am not holding my breath. Gordon Brown’s dishonesty and dishonour lies in the very marrow of his bones and he will now twist and turn on the Treaty’s gibbet to avoid the will of the British people. And now too we must redouble our efforts against the undemocratic, nay anti-democratic, tyranny that is the EU.

I had feared to blog on the issue of a possible ‘No’ vote by the Irish. I hoped against hope that they might rise up and overthrow the smug conceits of their masters but feared the threats and the bribes might prove too much. Oh ye of little faith! So this day Ireland rises anew, a Nation Once Again.

UPDATE: EU Referendum is liveblogging this excellent result.

Two further thoughts immediately occur.

Gordon Brown has, according to OpenEurope, already told President Sarkozy that Labour will continue to plough on with ratification. How nice and how typical of him to share his thoughts with a foreigner first rather than the people whom he so plainly disdains! But the Treaty of Lisbon is now, legally, a dead parrot. In the absence of Irish ratification it cannot now become law. Why then is Labour trying to legislate to enforce something which legally cannot happen?

Secondly, there is no doubt that a second attempt will be made, after further documents are cobbled together, to get Ireland to submit. That will take much time. In the meantime it is possible that the Tories will come to power. They should now offer forthwith a referendum on the Treaty before it has a chance to come into force. If the UK also votes “NO!”, a one clause bill to repeal Brown’s odious Ratification will suffice. Timing could now be everything.