A Noble Cause is joined.
The Scoffers will scoff and
snigger but they stand in
the way of an
Englishman’s Liberty.

A bolt from the blue – literally – arrives. David Davis’ Quixotic decision to force a bye-election on the single issue of the authoritarian state being put in place, piece by piece, by the Castroist tendency in British politics falls like a grenade in our midst. Hats off, then, to this new entrant to The Huntsman’s Pantheon. The Socialists will scoff, but then they scoff at liberty too.

There is no more noble cause than this, the right of free-born Englishmen to go about their lawful occasions without the threat of the over-mighty state ordering our comings and goings and without the threat that, if we do not toe the line – their line – we shall be swept into the nearest Bridewell, there to languish until some greasy snout-in-the trough politician votes to let us out once more.

The scoffers are out and about already. A fat slug called Watson, a very minor member of the present Payola Government, eructated on SKY that the citizens of Haltemprice and Howden will not be best pleased to be put to the expense of a bye-election. That the price of a bye-election (as opposed to its value) was uppermost in this coprophilous gastropod tells you all you need to know about the mindset of your average member of The Ovine & The Bovine. For them there is a price to everything – a DUP MP’s vote, for example – and all politics must be viewed in the context of what the cost may be.

Dennis McShane was there too. He knows a thing or two about liberty, or rather how to extinguish it. No more slavish a Europhilac exists upon this earth and he would brook no opposition to the thrall-ring being placed around every Englishman’s neck posthaste. But then he is no Englishman, is he? He scoffed mightily, but that was all there was to this weaselly bladder.

The Lib ‘Dems’, whose democratic credentials have been comprehensively trashed by their contortions over the issue of a referendum on the EU, have sought to rediscover their honour by promising not to stand against him. He should, thus win by about ten country miles. Labour may want to make some political hay on this relying on the supposed enthusiasm of the nation for locking people up without trial and try to make mischief out of it for David Cameron.

But the ground upon which Mr. Davis has chosen to fight is wider than that narrow, but important issue. It is about the Stasi State that Labour is gradually erecting around us whose manifestations emerge almost daily: local Jobsworth Hitlers prowling around our dustbins to make sure we are not madly fly-tipping or snooping on a family whose only ‘crime’ has been to try and get their children into the best local school they can; an intrusive Database with each and every one of our children entered upon it much as one would tag and track a cow so that the State can check up on the progress they are making against the exigencies of the latest Five Year Plan on education, as if we cannot make such judgements for ourselves.

Well, they can go hang, preferably literally, whilst David Davis fights his – our – corner for all he is worth.

It is, after all, a corner worth fighting for. It is a corner for which millions of Englishmen have fought over eight centuries and for which many have given their lives. Mr. Davis sacrifice of his seat for a few weeks and his place in the Shadow Cabinet are small things in the affairs of men, but if those modest sacrifices make a point about the value which Englishmen place upon their freedom then they are without value.