What is the difference between Pigs and MPs?
Pigs are highly intelligent and of great benefit to mankind.

The House of Commons Chumocracy is nothing, if not resilient. Having spent bucketsful of Taxpayer’s money in trying to conceal details of their expenses from the prying eyes of those selfsame Taxpayers, they have devised a new way of looting the public purse with impunity. Like the Bourbons, they have learnt nothing and forgotten everything.

Instead of behaving themselves and making a fist of trying to live in the same world as their hard-pressed constituents, they are busy devising yet another set of scams to enable them to loot the public purse with facility and impunity. The most important feature of these scams (reports here, here, here, here and here) is that they are all designed to keep the moolah (lots of it) flowing into their bank accounts and to conceal how that moolah is spent.

One wonders just how thick the skull of the average MP is. Do they really think we will let them get away with this?

We now know, just on the basis of the lately-released details of fourteen MPs expenses and on the basis of all the information which has flowed, uncontested, into the public domain in the last twelve months, the extent to which some MPs (by no means all: many MPs, such as the quite excellent Phillip Hollobone, The Huntsman’s very own here in the constituency of Kettering, are models of restraint for their more greedy colleagues) see the public purse as a private piggy bank which can be used to enrich themselves.

That information has demonstrated beyond a peradventure what impelled David Maclean, a member of the House of Commons Chumocracy which looks to ensure that the well of public money available to MPs remains as deep as possible, to try and steer his Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill through Parliament this time last year. This, it may be recalled, was a Bill to exempt from public scrutiny any information concerning MPs expenses and was introduced in clear anticipation of trouble to come.

The Freedom of Information Act requests to see named MPs expenses had then been under way for a while and one can well imagine that Chumocracy already had a fair idea how it would all end up: with a requirement that they disclose everything. Knowing that the public mood was strongly, violently even, against them, they tried to use their privileged position to put themselves above and beyond the law.

That plan has in the meantime come completely unstuck whilst managing to arouse public ire and damage further the reputation of MPs even more. Yet now they come back with yet more proposals to enable them to get their snouts even deeper in the trough.

They must have been stuffing themselves full of ‘stupid’ pills if they really think that this will end the matter.