Harman: A dreary, cheerless and
humourless enthusiast for
debauching the family in the
name of equality and choice

Lemon-sucking Harpy Harriet Harperson spent a cheery ten minutes on the rack yesterday as Jon Sopel, who would normally give a fellow lefty a free shy at the coconuts, discovered the joys of pig-sticking on yesterday’s The Politics Show on BBC 1. His quarry was left squirming as Sopel challenged her over Labour’s laughable campaign in the Crewe & Nantwich bye-election.

This campaign, which seems, on the Labour side, to have a curiously 19th. Century feel to it, ought to make most serious Labour politicians cringe. It might make the likes of John Prescott, Dennis Skinner and Ed Balls happy but one suspects that the assembled ranks of The Ovine & The Bovine who have been transported north in flocks and herds to campaign will have found the tone of their campaign deeply embarrassing.

The campaign has foundered for a number of reasons. The Tory candidate has been portrayed as a ‘Tory Toff’ (Andrew Marr said the other day that all Tories are Toffs, which suggests there is not much to be found between those spectacular ears) which spectacularly rebounded on the Socialists. In fact his father has been a hard-working entrepreneur whose wife has presided over a spectacular feat of fostering for which she has been given an OBE. The candidate himself is apparently a hard-working and competent member of The Bar.

The dressing up of a couple of Labour activists in top hat and tails has also back-fired as it was discovered that one of them actually went to Manchester Grammar School, a seat of learning every bit as distinguished as Uppingham, the alma mater of the Tory Candidate. There are a fair few on the Labour front-bench who will have squirmed themselves at that as they contemplated their own exclusive up-bringing. What could be more posh than having an education at Fettes (Smuggo) or Loretto (Alistair Darling) or St Paul‘s Girls’ School (our very own Harriet Harperson), to name but a few?

So the campaign itself is repellent and likely to redound to the utter discredit of McStalin and his chip-on-shoulder party. Bruce Anderson in the Independent has a thought-provoking article in The Independent on this which I commend to you. But the further thought occurs that if this is the tenor of Labour’s campaign, one might observe that, far from upsetting the Tories, they must be absolutely delighted. For does it not indicate that Labour have absolutely nothing to say to the electors of Crewe and Nantwich, not on their own failed policies nor on those proposed by the Tories?

Harperson pointedly avoided defending the campaign. She may be utterly obnoxious but her expensive and privileged public-school education has not entirely deprived her of common sense. The transcript of her observations and the application of the pig-stick by Sopel can be found here. In the second half of the transcript. One gem:

JON SOPEL: ……..We heard there from our North West Political Editor about this toff campaign that you’ve been running and Steve McCabe, who’s running the Labour campaign up there, has talked about the Conservative candidate as being, from an “excessively privileged” background. What is excessively privileged.

HARRIET HARMAN: Well, I think what they’re saying, is they’re just putting a spotlight on you know, the difference between, between the two candidates and you know ? (interjection)

JON SOPEL: I want to know what excessive privilege is.

HARRIET HARMAN: I, I think he’s a multi-millionaire, I mean, you know, those are the, the issues that are being ?

JON SOPEL: Well his parents are, he’s a barrister.


JON SOPEL: So your parent’s background counts, it’s to be used against you?

HARRIET HARMAN: Well, no, I think it’s his, you know, his own, you know personal situation and we’re putting the focus on our candidate, Tamsin, who is a hardworking mother of five children, and we think would be the very best representative for Crewe and Nantwich.

JON SOPEL: You’re the niece of the Countess of Longford, you went to the poshest girl’s school in the country, which gets the best private school results. Does that make you excessively privileged?

HARRIET HARMAN: Well, I’ve never made any issue about my background and you know, what we’re saying in Crewe is we think that Tamsin is the best candidate and you know, we’re putting the focus on her and how she would be a very good person to be Member of Parliament for Crewe and Nantwich.

Coincidentally she has been opining on the matter of the family. Research (as if sensible people needed it) has shown that children do better when they are brought up in the bounds of a conventional family where there is both a mother and a father who are married. Such research must be anathema to Labour which has done so much to debauch the family in so many ways over the last forty years. Harperson is, of course, one of their chief debauchers and her latest offering will have reinforced her credentials.

Her latest take on ‘the family’ is that it is or ought to be ‘irrelevant’ to government policy. This we always suspected was Labour’s view of society, that instead of promoting the family as the glue of a cohesive and well-ordered society, everything, as Haperson says, should be reduced to the level of personal choice, whatever might be the consequences for our children. This, of course, is merely a logical conclusion of liberal-left belief in the god of self-gratification. That it is deleterious to huge swathes of our youth neither occurs to them nor troubles them, just so long as Labour can be seen to be all things to all men and all women.

The sad thing is that she represents a constituency (Camberwell & Peckham) which is unlikely ever to vote anything other than a Labour MP: if the Tories were to win this seat it would leave perhaps no more than 27 other Labour MPs in Parliament (see Electoral Calculus here and click on ‘Ordered Seats’). She could probably get away with espousing compulsory castration for men and still get elected. Thus she is likely to blight public life for years to come. All we have left to look forward to is the night of the next general election which will be a real seven lemon event for this chief of lemon-suckers.