Caroline Flint: So keen was
she to smile for the cameras that
she forgot about the document.
Snapped, it told the truth we
we not supposed to know

One thing which citizens want and, save perhaps in the extremes of a major war, to which they are entitled is a sober and accurate assessment of the prospects for our economy and general prospects so that they might make informed decisions on how to deploy their resources. From this Government, whose Head lies to himself every morning in the shaving mirror, we know such will not be forthcoming.

Anyone who doubts such an an assertion need look no further than the briefing note clutched in the hand of Labour Harpy Caroline Flint, photographed with consummate ease as she made her way up Downing Street to attend Cabinet today. The document itself contained the sort of truths from which Labour, well taught by the Master of Mendacity, Alistair Campbell (the most interesting Propaganda Chief since the end of April 1945), carefully strives at all costs and at every turn to exclude us. Instead the truth is to be rendered down like so much fat into a gooey Labour soap.

Thus does Flint remind everyone:

It is vital that at this time of uncertainty, we show that we are on people’s side.

So, it is to be spin, spin, spin until they are dragged, blinking in the sunlight, from Herr Brown’s Bunker in the final days of the New Labour Reich, that happy day upon which the McStalin clique is ferreted out to face the music which will be played to them long, loud and hard by the vengeful masses.

Instead of reminding themselves of the Party Line on how to keep the ravening mob from the door, might not this sentence have proceeded, for example, thus:

“It is vital that, at this time of uncertainty, that we take bold positive steps to remedy the problem. To that end we should proceed to a programme of tax cuts and radical deregulation designed to breathe new life into the economy so that the worst effects of the housing crisis which our policies have in large part created might be mitigated”.

Instead Flint and the rest of the crew take the position that, whatever else happens, they must make sure the public do not think for a nanosecond that they are responsible in any measure for this mess.

For mess it is.

Hitherto the line peddled by this bunch of mendacious nincompoops has essentially been that all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds: under the guidance of of Our Dear Leader our economy has been built with characteristics of a nuclear bunker and will be able to withstand whatever the problems caused by a lot of foreigners can throw at us.

Now, however, the truth is set out in uncompromising terms.

Given present trends, they [house prices] will clearly show sizeable falls……later this year – at best down five per cent – 10 per cent year on year.

Adding that house repossessions are on the up, that house building is stalling, Ms. Flint observes:

We can’t know how bad it will get.

Now the problem with the so-called “global credit crunch” began, as every fule kno, late last summer and first manifested itself here with the collapse of Northern Rock. It might be thought that at that moment the government as a whole would have set itself to the task of making plans to deal with and to mitigate the effects of the problem. Plainly that is not the case:

But we need to plan now to put in place effective measures against the risk that it does get worse and to prepare for the upturn.

“Need to plan now”? What have they all been doing since September? Why have they not been planning effective measures before now?

The Revealed and Revealing
Document: The Truth that The Numpties
would rather you did not know

The answer, we know, is all too simple. This is a cretinous and incompetent shower who could not individually or collectively change a light bulb, let alone organise a bibulous experience in a brewery. As for governing the country, they could no more do that than touch their right elbow with their right hand.

All this on the day when the Consumer Prices Index went up by 20%, from 2.5% last month to 3.0% this. Wallop:another blow to the pockets of the hard-working British public.

There is a useful account from Andre Lillico on ConservativeHome on how the CPI was adopted by McStalin and has turned into no more than a self-deluding instrument which has led him to believe his own propaganda. Meanwhile the rest of us in the real world, who actually do the shopping and have to pay the real prices demanded by supermarkets, have a fair idea that the true rate of inflation is way, way ahead of that promulgated by the CPI.

On another front Alistair Darling has announced that he is going to raise personal tax allowances for basic rate taxpayers by £600 – meaning anyone earning up to about £41,350 will gain £120 this year. At the moment it is unclear whether this is a one-off for 2008/09 only or whether it is permanent. If the former then George Osborne’s reaction is spot on:

Let no-one be fooled why you are making this statement today – not because you wanted to…. but because this divided, dithering and disintegrating government are panicking in the face of the Crewe and Nantwich by-election.



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