Wendy Alexander: a singularly
unimpressive creature who,
nonetheless, has left McStalin holding
his hankie firmly to his nose

One of the signs of the atrophy and mortification of communism in Eastern Europe at the end of the 1980s was the sight of the oppressed acting in a way which indicated they were no longer afraid of their masters. McStalin is beginning to experience the same sort of indiscipline with, inter alia, Wendy Alexander’s bid for freedom on the issue of Scots independence.

Ms. Alexander, sister of Wee Douggie, one of McStalin’s henchmen in Westminster, has suddenly discovered she has freedom of thought and has plumped for the holding of a referendum on Scottish independence sooner rather than later. The irony of this will not be lost on those who cleave to the cause of British independence as a sovereign nation state: it has been the likes of the erstwhile lickspittle Wendy who have so dishonestly and dishonourably denied us a referendum on that just and noble cause. That She should suddenly disover the virtues of a referendum doubly undermines her Boss in London.

London Labour have been fervently against giving in to Alex Salmond on the question of a referendum on Scottish independence. Salmond was delighted that he has not been pushed into one already, allowing him to play the fox in the chicken coop wherein he runs up and down infuriating both the English and the Westminster government at will. By 2011, he reckons, Westminster will have been so heavy-handed and the English so outraged in the face of his executive’s activities and pronouncements that his cause will have been well advanced.

Lod Forsyth, Tory peer and former Scots MP, called for such a referendum to be held soon after the elections of last year which projected Salmond and his seperatists into power on the basis that the resounding ‘No!’ which would be achieved would suitably emasculate the SNP by removing for a generation their casus belli. Instead Labour, the Lib ‘Dems’ and the Tories forsooth all opted trenchantly to deny him his moment as a Roman Candle. Now, a year on, he has managed to curry greater support for his administration in the opinion polls.

Except in one area, that is: support for independence has diminished, if anything, though it very much seems to depend on how the question is put.

Although some of the advantage of holding an early referendum has been needlessly dissipated by the opposition in Scotland which has been wrong-footed at every turn by Smiling Alex, there is little point in delaying it, in my view: if it is held now there is the added aura of insecurity of a global economic crisis. Few Scots will want to take the risk of cutting themselves adrift at such a time when Mother’s Skirts lie close and comforting at hand. Thus there is a good chance that 80% would vote ‘No!’ to independence which ought to put an end to the issue a generation.

Politically, however, Wendy Alexander’s conversion to the idea is yet another sign of Labour’s nincompoopery. Only a short while ago she was wholly against the idea and has thus performed a massive hand-brake turn on the issue which damages her as well as at the same time damaging McStalin by indicating that she no longer feels bound to toe the Westminster party line. Thus she plants a right hook and a neat left jab straight onto McStalin’s kisser: a smart double whammy.

I am sure she is right, however cack-handed her U-Turn has been. Removing it as an issue for the time being will leave Scotland with one thing: the sound of the SNP hot air balloon rapidly deflating and the question on everyone’s lips: ‘Just what is the point of the SNP?’


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