Trevor Eve and the BBC put their all
into a parody of life in the Army
of 2008 in a calculated
assault on the Armed Forces

Back, I am afraid, to the Propaganda Arm of the Labour Party, the taxpayer-funded BBC. In recent days there has been a slew of opinion polls on both the national standing of the parties and of the state of play in the London Mayoral contest. You would not, however, know this from the BBC News website.

Most of these polls have conveyed omens of meltdown for Labour in the forthcoming local elections, though some have put Boris and the Red Reptile neck and neck on first preference votes. Nationally the polls, if repeated at a General Election, would see the positions of Labour and the Tories reversed and perhaps even a major landslide for the Tories. But if you care to look at today’s politics page, you could be forgiven for thinking that we have a French-style period of poll purdah in which publication of polls is strictly interdit.

Can you imagine that if, may the Gods forfend, Gordon Brown was eighteen or fourteen points up on the Tories, such censorship would obtain? No, of course not, for that news would be being reported every fifteen minutes on the quarter hour, regular as clockwork, to the sounds of BBC Marxist cooing.

Then there was the piece at 0741 this morning on Today in which lefty author Will Self and lefty historian Simon Schama (the one who knows so much about Queens) put their elegant steel toecaps on and proceeded to put the boot into the state of USA morality without there being any counter-balancing support from someone even vaguely sympathetic to the USA. This charade went on for a full seven minutes.

Then I watched with increasing anger a programme on BBC 1 last night called ‘Waking the Dead‘ with Trevor Eve investigating a murder close to a military barracks, with what was obviously intended to be either The Life Guards or the Blues and Royals as the villain of the piece.

The theme here, articulated by an evidently hostile Eve, was that wicked older men send innocent younger men to such as Iraq and Afghanistan where either they were killed or maimed or came home fit only for a straight jacket; or, alternatively, those who did not immediately bought themselves out of the army for a feckless life of unemployment and drugs or a lucrative job with a ‘private army’ randomly killing innocent Iraqis or Afghans.

All this was accompanied with much derision of the notion that any soldier might actually be in the Army in order to serve Queen and Country and by the usual posit that, when faced with scrutiny, the forces immediately move into cover-up mode.

Lastly, I have just listened to John Tusa on Radio 4 opining that the ‘spirit of 1968’ lives on…….though he did have the grace to add ‘in this studio’ which, of course, was full of those who have every reason to perpetuate the tawdry myth that that rotten year was somehow a ‘glorious’ year of revolution.

I could go on but that would probably involve a thousand page review of most of the BBC’s content at the moment which seems to be entirely free of anything remotely blue-tinged, being filled instead with a constant expounding of lefty Nostrums.

I am not holding my breath but I hope that Cameron follows through with his threat to ‘top-slice’ the BBC’s share of the Television Ownership Tax: indeed why stop at ‘top’?