Ken & Tessa’s Black Hole: To be
filled in with lots of your money

Whilst the sickening spectacle of obeisance to the Genocide Games Torch parade goes on, soon to visit occupied Tibet, others have their gaze fixed on the next set of Olympic scandals: how the public and the government were bamboozled into bidding, how the costs were carefully concealed from us and how Labour is going to loot us for the balance.

As to the first, the Mail yesterday carried a frank admission by Ken Livingstone that his support for the 2012 Olympics bid for London had little do do with his enthusiasm for sport but everything to do with luring the Government into refurbishing the north-east of London (and thus provide yet more members of the Livingstone client-ministate). Ken reckons that he managed to lure the Government into it without their realising it.

We should not be surprised by this. Ken would struggle to tell the truth about his own name were he speaking to himself in the mirror. We should however recognise that this must have been self-evident to the Government who have thus participated in an utterly cynical and undemocratic exercise in spending, as we now know, at least £10 billion on a politically-motivated project which, they hoped, would fill north-east London with hundreds of thousands of grateful voters who would then be expected to show their appreciation by trooping to the ballot-box in support of the only elected reptile in the world.

If, however, Londoners pull their finger out next week, Ken could be given his marching orders and Boris installed in his place. The chances then are that Boris will be the one to reap the electoral rewards (if any) that come from London 2012. If all has gone well, he can expect to surf the resultant wave in May 2012. If it all goes pear-shaped, he can at least say that the plans and financing were not down to him and point the finger at wastrel Ken.

I shall not dally on the careful conspiracy to conceal the costs of this three week preening jamboree since that exercise is now so self-evident that it needs no further exposition from me. More important now is how the costs continue to soar and soar and how the burden will, as it always was intended, fall on the long-suffering British Taxpayer.

Thus the Telegraph today tells us:

Australian-owned Bovis Lend Lease, which was selected last year to construct the £2 billion Olympic Village in east London, is struggling to raise money to finance the project.

Quite why we have this enthusiasm for Australian builders after the Wembley fiasco is unclear. But this outcome is, perhaps, an inevitable outcome of the collapse of the availability of credit worldwide. Being locked-in, however, to this vanity project, the Olympics organisers immediately turn with cap in hand to the lender of first resort: the Taxpayer. All of this grandiose scheme will almost certainly now be done, as far as possible, on the cheap which will doubtless leave the taxpayer with a shoddy and somewhat worthless asset on its hands.

Of this sort of wasting of public money, the likes of Ken’s commie chums would doubtless approve enormously. The Taxpayer, on the other hand, will perforce be made to contemplate once again the import of the phrase ‘long-suffering’ – in this case for thirty years and more.

Still, the way things are going for McStalin, he will have long since departed to become MSP for Auchtermuchty where he can deploy his nation-wrecking talents on his own kind for a change instead of the nation as a whole. Thus none of the kudos which rubs off from this worthless gaudy will accrue to him and his rotten party. If kudos there is, then the only likely beneficiaries will be the Tories. If so, at least the taxpayer can have the last laugh at Labour, a party once again defined by its own incompetence and firmly hoist with its own petard.


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