Huw Edwards: passed swiftly
over the Tory poll lead of 18%
as he might step over
something niffy on the pavement

The BBC is a public-service broadcaster, though you would need to look at its Charter to know it. The Tories have, according to YouGov’s poll taken during Labour tax contortions, an 18% lead over Labour and, at 44% overall, more support than Labour and the Lib ‘Dems’ (26% & 17% respectively) combined. You would need to read a paper or visit a blog to know it.

This is the best Tory lead for twenty-one years. If the boot was on the other foot, do you imagine for a moment that on the Ten O’Clock TV News a Labour lead of 18% would be anything other than the lead item? Yet last night the BBC managed to give us this information in a quick one-liner from Huw Edwards who moved on with indecent haste to something more palatable. Over on Newsnight, Gavin Essler, whose sympathises positively ooze from the plasma of the TV screen, did report it, but quickly hedged about with much qualification about other, older polls that have the Tory lead much lower.

The BBC News website at this moment makes no mention of this information on its homepage (0815 AM) nor is it reported on its Politics page. On Today it seems to have merited no more than a passing reference in the newspaper review.

One swallow a summer doth not make, I hear you say. You are right, but the fact is that polls are now consistently showing the Tories as on course to get a working majority at the next general election. Concerning that trend the BBC is resolutely in denial and that is a clear breach of its duty to be impartial. But it has long since abandoned any pretence to even-handedness which is probably stupid and is certainly predictable.

With Tory policy on broadcasting looking at divvying up the Broadcasting Poll Tax with other public service broadcasters, one might have expected the BBC to make some effort, even if only cosmetic, to be impartial. But your average BBC editor is plainly as stupid as the serried ranks of the Ovine & The Bovine who occupy the back (and, indeed, front) benches on the Labour side of the Commons and thus does not realise how much we notice these things and how this will, soon enough, turn round to bite them and the rotten institution for which they work.

One of life’s little considerable pleasures at the moment is the daily passing moment in which I look forward to the look on their face on a Friday morning in 2010 following the General Election in which the preferred Government of this nest of Marxist Vipers is swept like so much ordure into the sewers of history.