Criminal? Possibly. Juvenile?
Almost certainly. Funny?
Deliciously & wickedly so.
A Jolly Jape? Cripes, yes!

One knows only too well that it is a juvenile jolly jape, but some wicked and web-wily wrecker has totally trashed the website of the Chief Lemon Sucker, humourless harpy harridan Harriet Harperson. It may well be that this will have the Old Bill coming to feel someone’s collar as a result, but it brought a little ray of sunshine to East Northamptonshire this morning.

The story unfolds here on Guido and with a useful aside here on Boulton & Co. The best of the story, although it is all a rib-tickler, is that this lot of numpties was so dumb that the hacker got in and rest all their passwords. Now the site is offline so that this particular train wreck can be cleared off the lines.

The thought once more occurs that this ought to be filed, in due course and after the whole world has laughed itself to death, under ‘Serious & Bibulous Parties’, ‘Breweries’ and ‘Organize’.

Harperson defects? No, chuck
her back into the piranha
pool where she belongs!

It could not have happened to a less fragrant person.

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