Soon the seat of local
government will be on
the other side of the Channel.
Helpful if you wish to
deter complaints.

When the fix is in, why trouble to wait upon the formalities? Long before the battle over the Treaty of Lisbon is concluded, the EU already has in place its plans for the very shape of the New Empire, in which the former nation states have, unsurprisingly, no place. Instead new entities will be created and the old cast out into the dustbin of history.

Such is the only reasonable inference from maps which are reproduced today by the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail. The plan is to efface the United Kingdom from the map and end its legal existence. As they report, the departments of the former France which border what will become, in EU Newspeak, ‘The Channel Sea’ and the formerly English Counties of the South Coast will be combined together to form what is plainly intended to be a new province within the EU Empire known as ‘Manche’.

Hun Ministers, who know a thing or two about redrawing maps, have made the purpose of these regions abundantly clear:

German ministers claimed that the plan was about “underlying the goal of a united Europe” to “permanently overcome old borders” at a time when the “Constitution for Europe needs to regain momentum”.

The last time German Ministers spoke of the permanent overcoming of old borders, it was, of course, enforced by sending the Wehrmacht in to subdue any resistance, an army spearheaded by no less than ten Panzer divisions. Now such brute force is no longer required, for the work of subverting our nation has been effected by our very own home-grown Quislings.

They have done their work well, such that German Ministers no longer feel the need to be in the least bit secretive about the plan: a United Europe (not even a Federal one, mind) in which old borders have been effaced from the map and new bastard provinces, the product of a forced act of political miscegenation, spring up to enforce the new Brussels Diktat and are installed without any pretence or semblance of democratic legitimacy. Thus the UK is to be shared out between this ‘Manche’ region, an ‘Atlantic’ region encompassing Ireland, Wales and the Atlantic coasts of France, Spain and Portugal and a ‘North Sea’ region which takes in Flanders, Holland, Denmark and, apparently bits of Sweden, Doubtless, in the interests of completing the process interrupted in 1918 and 1945, the North Sea will revert to being called ‘The German Ocean’.

Of course there is nothing new in all this: these Euro regions have been floating around for years, unspeakable entities that had to exist because of the EU’s forward planning but which have to remain extant only in a shadowy form lest the citizens of the nation states should wake up to what is to be done to their countries. But now, of course, with the Treaty of Lisbon all but smuggled past the electorates of the member states, the EuroNabobery can afford to be more open. Hence maps of your new master’s fiefdoms can be allowed out of the closet.

Already there are plans for what are, for the moment, called ‘transnational regional authorities”. Who, pray, ever voted for that?

None of us, for the EU and its Europhile lackeys know full well that such a proposal would get an even bigger bum’s rush than the North-east regional assembly got a while back (at least they had a vote there). So, these regions are to be imposed on us by Imperial Fiat without any reference to us, the lumpen proletariat.

Le Grand Projet proceeds apace. Soon enough the erstwhile free people of Southern England will find themselves once more ruled from Caen to remind us that the last 942 years of history have come full circle and that henceforth we shall be ruled from the continent by a modern Duke William of Normandy.

For all of this, Labour and the Liberal ‘Democrats’ have enthusiastically voted in ensuring the passage into law of the Bill to ratify the Treaty of Lisbon. The battle may be all but over but we shall not forget the names of those who voted ‘Aye’ in the lobbies to extirpate the United Kingdom.

When the moment comes for the Clerk to intone the phrase ‘La Reine le veult’ upon completion of the Bill’s passage into law, never will the use of Norman French have seemed so appropriate since the days of the Norman and early Plantagenet Kings of what was, once, England.