How it will all end? Not with a bang
but with a whine: “It’s not my fault!”

Cast your mind back to 17th. May 2007. By that date no fewer than 313 of the Ovine & The Bovine had appended their names to Gordon Brown’s nomination papers for the Labour Leadership. Only 39 of them can say “Don’t blame me, I nominated someone else”. The 313 dunderheads on the other hand have to sit there contemplating their own spectacular misjudgement.

The fact that Brown was the choice of 88% of the Parliamentary Labour Party to lead it less than a year ago is one reason why a challenge to Brown’s leadership is unlikely before the next election. It would involve such a spectacular admission of stupidity by almost the entire Labour Party that it will not happen. That is before one considers the presentational problems of ditching one leader a year after they nominated him for the post (I forbear to use the word ‘election’ since that implies a genuine contest) and trying to bed a new one in the midst of a full-blown economic crisis.

Almost certainly the contenders for the job would be those who have loyally spent the last twelve months and more praising Gordon Brown as a great Prime Minister. They are going to look pretty stupid spending the next few months in the run up to a fresh leadership election explaining their own personal dazzling imbecility in backing Brown in the first place.

And election there would have to be this time. It is unthinkable that even the dim ninnies in the Labour Party would permit a toothless coronation to take place this time around. Perhaps if they had had a proper election a year ago, some of Brown’s multiple defects might have presented themselves more clearly. Instead they fell about themselves in the rush to praise him.

Now they are enquiring of the authorities about the terms of the pay-off they get when they loose their seats. Such is the fall of Gordon Brown that he has within a year of taking over got a big chunk of The Ovine & The Bovine contemplating a life after politics.

And who would want the job at this juncture? We are all looking down the barrels of a global economic crisis that has only just begun: who knows where it will lead? And the Labour Party faces defeat in any event at the next election, new leader or not. No one is going to fancy being the second Prime Minister in a row to fail to win an election nor wish to preside over the undignified mess that this Labour Government has now become.

So Brown will linger on until 2010. By then this essentially ‘tax and spend’ Socialist creature of the 1970s will have demonstrated beyond a peradventure his unsuitability as a Prime Minister and his record for economic competence as Chancellor will have been ruthlessly unpicked as the pigeons (and there are many of them) come home to roost.

It is doubtful now, in a deteriorating situation, whether he has the character to deal with hard times. It was fine whilst the economy was buoyant and could withstand the frequent application of the Labour Leech to its body. But, contrary to his assertions, we are not well-placed to withstand the coming problems.

With that we shall see stripped bare for all to see his psychological defects. He has a tendency to blame everyone, anyone, else for our problems: Labour can do no wrong. People do not believe this narrative. He singularly lacks empathy, indeed he exudes such a deficiency. In part this is because he is now finding himself caught up in his own penchant for mendacity. When he burbles on about inflation being low by reference to the Consumer Price Index which bears little relationship to people’s real life experience of having to shop carefully for the basics of life, he exhibits a detachment from the real lives of real people in the real world which is at the heart of his manifest unpopularity.

And when he blathers on in a dull Scots monotone about taking the decisions for the long-term, he forgets that decisions for the long term do not pay for today’s trip to the supermarket. And as he glides about town in his chauffeur-driven limousine, does he begin to appreciate how tough it is for already hard-pressed families to afford the crippling increases in their fuel bills? When did he last pay for a tank full of unleaded?

Mr. Bean: insensible to people’s
real world problems and fears

Thus the Labour Party is beginning to panic. They have managed to choose a complete chump as Leader and now he is going to take them all down with him. He is the millstone round their necks which they cannot throw off. Oblivion beckons.

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