Brown’s last Budget was crafted
for a 2007 election before the
abolition of the 10% rate kicked
in: now Brown is hoist with
his own petard

It has taken just over a year for Labour MPs to wake up to the consequences of Gordon Brown’s abolition of the 10% income tax rate, proof, if such were needed, that as a group they are thunderingly stupid. It does not take a genius to work out that some on low incomes are going to lose out. Take students, for example.

My son is off to University this autumn and has been working to finance both that and his gap year. By dint of putting in a fair bit of overtime and weekend work of one sort and another he has done well for himself but in the year he actually goes up to University he is likely to find himself some £200-300 worse off as Gordon helps himself as he will earn well under £18000 as a single person.

This must also be the case for thousands of other students who are working to pay their way through University. Labour tends to assume that it has a divine right to the bulk of student votes at elections. I wonder if students will continue to be quite so compliant when they realize that the price of Labour is less money to stave off the burden of the student loan occasioned by Labour’s carefully devised University Fees scheme.

Labour makes them pay more for their education and takes another two or three hundred quid from them each year in tax: not exactly joined-up government, is it? Gordon’s Double Whammy?