Debased and unlovely

The Royal Mint has finally revealed the new designs for our coinage. It is as I expected: they are so awful that they can only have been created so as to make moving to the Euro a pleasant experience. The effacement of our national identity is complete: the coats of arms of our great nation chopped up like so much parsley.

Take the new twenty pence, for example. All that has been squeezed onto its reverse is the rear flanks of one lion passant guardant and the anus of another. What utter rubbish! On the new five pence piece we have the poor old lion’s anus again and some ragged bits of the rest of the Royal Coat of Arms. Other coins contains hints of the contents of those arms, but no more than that. What an appalling trashing of our traditions this is. The Royal Mint calls it giving our Royal Coat of Arms ‘a contemporary treatment’. Debasing the coinage would be nearer the mark (or perhaps that should be Euro?)

There could be have been devised no better metaphor for the destruction of the United Kingdom than the trash which is now to be circulated under the name ‘money’.

Rubbish posing as a national coinage