A Man Struggling between what he
knows to be the truth and an
overpowering desire to lie through his teeth

Having listened today to the Prime Minister doing his monthly press conference, one is forcibly struck by a couple of things. The first is how much Brown hates both this and Prime Minister’s Questions: head down, trembling voice, rigid body-language all bespeak personal nightmare. And how does he deal with it? Anything remotely tricky is met with a battery of lies.

He loathes Ken Livingstone, for example, yet when asked about that sewer rat’s candidacy for Mayor of London, Brown shot off into a laudatory peroration. And so it was with most of his performance. Part of his problem is that he does not lie with the facility with which Blair does. Blair at least managed to sound as if he at least believed what he was saying but Brown lacks even that theatrical facility. Watching his mendacity being deployed is a distasteful business, the more so when he bullies his way out of the question with a verbal vomit of questionable statistics.

Underlying this is a serious personal character flaw in this Prime Minister. Untruthfulness is part of his make up, notwithstanding his being a son of the manse. It is in part a factor of his being one of the most opportunistic of politicians around, one who will say almost anything depending on the audience in front of him. All of it is crafted to utterly partisan ends: the re-election of Labour rather than the governance of the United Kingdom on behalf of all its citizens.

An example of this has been ferreted out today by the Times’ Sam Coates who adverts to two deeply contrasting positions adopted by this most mendacious of Prime Ministers. Coates first draws our attention how the Government is now restricting information on QUANGOs. Formerly the government produced a single 350 plus page report annually which set out in considerable detail the costs and staffing numbers of the body as well as information about the salaries of senior members.

Under Labour the QUANGO state has burgeoned: indeed it has now replaced the more conventional forms of patronage – honours and so forth – as the preferred means of rewarding those who support the Labour Party by whatever means. As elevating cronies to the Lords has become all but impossible to achieve since Blair poisoned that particular well, making a chum Chairman of a QUANGO has become a nice alternative that has the added merit of enabling some supporters to pick a fat portfolio of ‘nice little earners’.

Thus the list of QUANGOs has billowed out to a staggering 827 in all, of which 203 are called ‘Executive’ Non-Departmental Public Bodies. latter group spent some £31 billion (only £1 billion less than the entire defence budget!) in 2006/7 and employed 96,000 people. But there are some 624 other bodies of one sort and another and these take the total spend up into the reaches of £160 billion.

No wonder then that the latest report on QUANGOs has been shorn to 27 pages and has had ripped from it all the detail that formerly could be found in one place. Now the interested citizen has to visit the web site of each individual ministry to discover the information that was once available in a single acrobat format document for the convenience of the Taxpayer. It does not take the mind of Einstein to work out why this Government should suddenly wish to make the discovery of the information formerly at, literally, the click of a mouse as obscure as it can.

The official line is thus:

Unlike earlier editions of Public Bodies, Public Bodies 2007 does not contain detailed information on each public body. Each Government Department now publishes information on their own public bodies on an annual basis. The Cabinet Office will, however, continue to publish an annual report containing headline statistics on NDPBs and public appointments. Public Bodies 2007 is the first of these.

Thus no explanation or reason is proffered or suggested for this change. This is unsurprising since what has happened is the very antithesis of accountable open government.

Given the way in which Labour’s Quangocracy has grown and grown alongside the growth of the client state, its unwillingness to provide convenient information on its wastrel ways should surprise nobody.

The nice thing, though is that Coates has also dug out via a report in the Daily Telegraph a little bit of Brown’s historical (1995) views on the Quangocracy which show that he is not merely a serial purveyor of falsifications but an unblushing hypocrite full of cant and humbug:

“The biggest question… is why our constitution is over-centralised, over-secretive and over-bureaucratic and why there is not more openness and accountability. The real alternative is a bonfire of the quangos and greater democracy.”

One could not wish for a better piece of evidence with which to draw the indictment against this crook, condemning himself as he does out of his own mouth for the offences of Centralization of government, Secretiveness, Bureaucratism, Suppressing openness in government, Evading accountability and Suppression of democratic control.

Our Prime Minister has a serious
character problem concerning his
inability to be truthful: it is difficult
to believe a word he says,
including ‘and’ & ‘the’

The same accusations might as well be laid against the Labour party as a whole and socialism in general, for it was ever thus. It is a function of any high tax-and-spend government that as the taxing and the spending get higher and higher, the less it wishes it to be known just how much loot is being spent and how it is being spent. This is exactly what is taking place here.

Just so that one might get a whiff of what is being done with Taxpayer’s money, your money, here are some of the wonderful organisations which are covered by the current emasculated report:

Commission for the Compact

Futurebuilders Advisory Panel


Advisory Panel on Beacon Councils

National Community Forum

Womens’ National Commission [Why no Men’s National Commission?]

Strategic Investment Board

Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment

Culture East Midlands [also Culture NE,NW, West Midlands, SE &SW]

Living East

Independent Advisory Group on Teenage Pregnancy

Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

Coal Authority

One North East

Etc. etc.

So, far from conduction a hefty dose of arson, our beloved Prime Minister has, as Chancellor and Prime Minister presided over a vast expansion of QUANGOs and a proliferation of faceless quangocrats.

Vast numbers of these are dedicated to serving Labour’s clients and could be swept away tomorrow without any significant effect on the body politic but with vast savings to the Taxpayer. Thus, and only thus, will the squeals of the cronies, donors, hangers-on, sympathisers as they cluster around the pig trough be silenced.