She cannot even lie skilfully,
so why would she govern skilfully?

Our own political mariners seeming stuck in the doldrums of late, spare a thought for our American cousins on the storm-tossed seas (I have been waiting nigh on a year to get that one in!) of a keenly fought Presidential election. As the Democratic contest gets down deep and dirty, the woman who would be President has simply lost it as far as her predilection for whoppers is concerned.

Hillary Clinton, who always strikes me as a veritable Rinkhals of a politician, has already been found out in a series of bare-faced lies over her various claims to ‘experience’ when it comes to foreign affairs. Whilst that record is coming under scrutiny, it is becoming ever plainer that she did at least learn one thing from standing by her man, which is an ability to lie through her teeth without so much as a moment’s hesitation. Her promiscuous husband, of course, demonstrated his facility for the bare-faced lie over the Lewinsky girl and he famously got away with it.

Now Mrs. Clinton, whom I reckon has been the most ambition-driven politician of the early twenty-first century and, as such, the most willing to stoop into the gutter, often with her philandering husband giving her a shove at her elbow, is having her claims to experience picked over by the crows. Already her assertion that she was ‘instrumental’ in the Northern Ireland peace process has been shown up as a thumping big lie. Now she has had her claims about being on the front line in Tuzla, Bosnia in 1996 shattered.

The details of her exposure as a hustling snake oil salesperson may be found here on the Washington Post’s FactChecker pages. In essence she claimed to have landed at Tuzla ‘under sniper fire’, had to forego the usual welcoming party and then run hell for leather for the safety of the airport buildings so as to avoid the attentions of the Serb marksmen who were still active in the hills around the town.

As will be seen from this clip on CBS, this is one to file under ‘fiction’:

Quite why she told a lie which was always going to unravel is a bit of a puzzle. I have represented plenty of people over the years who, by the time they marched into the witness box at their trial, had convinced themselves that the explanation of events they were peddling was a sound, rational and credible explanation for the facts, an illusion the Jury saw through in half an hour of deliberations and coffee. She, I imagine, has made that same speech over and over to her mirror in anticipation of using it to boost her claims to be the candidate of her party that she now actually believes it to be literally true, the evidence notwithstanding.

It is all the more surprising in a politician who has been adept at using the record to undermine her opponents that she herself should neglect the existence in the modern era of a vast archive of film and tape that has the capacity to sink anyone who is minded to engage in hucksterism of this sort. The recent trashing of Obama’s spiritual mentor ought to have been a timely reminder of that, but she, I guess, has long since forgotten what is truth and what is lies, hence her being caught out thus.

I cannot abide this woman who I reckon is nowhere near the politician her husband was and, indeed, is and who will be disastrous for the USA if they ever should make the mistake of allowing her to get her hands on the levers of power. Hopefully this unpicking of her bluster will prove a significant nail in her coffin. In addition, this cautionary tale is a further reminder of how this story is rippling out over the internet for all to see. The web is truly becoming a place to avoid for Emperors with No Clothes.