A Liberal ‘Democrat’ MP Out Campaigning

Nick Clegg, the third Liberal ‘Democrat’ leader in as many years, has a second career: he is to double as a contortionist at the circus. That is the only conclusion that one can draw from the increasingly convoluted circumbendibi being peddled over the EU Constitution referendum which he and his fellow MPs promised at the last election but which they now wish to duck.

For an update of the latest state of Clegg’s discomposed discombobulation, the Coffee House has this thought and Three Line Whip this.

Fraser Nelson also considers the role that the House of Lords may yet play in the cause of our independence. Were they to vote for a referendum, Nelson opines, could the Parliament Act 1949 be a dead duck? It should be noted that the reference to enforcing a manifesto pledge has no statutory basis and might only be considered to be a constitutional convention – though a potent one, for all that.