Ethic Minority Shall Speak
Unto Ethnic Minority

In the old days the BBC used to delight in prefacing anything to do with South Africa with the adjective ‘racist’ – the ‘racist government of South Africa’, for example. Well now comes the time when we may properly return the compliment and begin to refer to the BBC (al-Beeb to its many fans) as ‘the racist BBC’.

I am prompted so to do by the news that the BBC has on offer ninety positions on what it calls a ‘mentoring programme’. Of these forty-five are reserved for persons from ethnic minorities. Al-Beeb has denied that this amounts to illegal positive discrimination.

Well, an institution which has denounced itself as ‘institutionally racist’ and has demonstrated time and time again its hostility to and hatred of Britain would say that, wouldn’t it?

It does not matter how you cut the mustard, there are forty-five posts on offer from the BBC for which I as a white person cannot apply. That is unlawful discrimination pure and simple, discrimination against me because I am white and for no other reason whatsoever.

I appreciate that I would not get past question two on the interview either (How many times a day do you read The Guardian?), but if you utilise the English language the way it was intended, there is no way whatsoever to dress up job reservation for non-whites as anything other than ‘racist’.

Therefore, when I can remember, I shall henceforth always qualify the BBC with the adjective ‘racist’. Let them sue, if they so wish.