Mr. & Mrs. “Frugal Householder” 2008

There can have been few more nauseating sights in the history of Parliament than the fawning, creeping, obsequious toadying of Mr. Speaker Martin’s lickspittle claque yesterday. This little piece of theatrical mummery further damaged the Speaker who, sticking up two fingers to the public, took this piece of deep brown-nosing as a sign of the House’s approbation of his conduct.

It may well be that he has done nothing that is either against the rules or is unlawful. That does not make splurging his Air Miles (earned on the back of Taxpayers’ money) on paying for entirely private journeys by his family morally right. Nor does it make morally right his helping himself to £77,504, over the last six years (that is £12,917 per year on average), of Taxpayer’s money to maintain his house in Glasgow whilst being the beneficiary of a magnificent grace & favour pied-à-terre in the Palace of Westminster.

Concerning which, one is bound to ask what it is that he has spent £248.41 per week of Taxpayer’s money on when it comes to his house. Has he simply been improving it at public expense?

Sadly neither he, nor his Labour chums, yet get the point or begin to understand what it is about this issue that the taxpayer finds so utterly offensive. That much is evident from the sight of the chumocracy patting one another on the back when Mr. Speaker called the House to order yesterday.

It is abundantly clear that the process of bring these arrogant people to heel is going to be both painful and long. But, if we are to begin the process of restoring the reputation of Parliament and Parliamentarians, they must first, like alcoholics in denial, admit that the present system, opaque and wide-open to flagrant abuse, is wholly inappropriate and must be transformed into one of complete openness and transparency.

In the circumstances, what possible objection can there be to 100% disclosure online in the manner of the Scottish Parliament?