A nasty, po-faced Raúl Castro

Cuba has elected a new President. Hurrah! Hurrah? Our pleasure that whatever ailment laid Fidel Castro low was a prolonged lesson in pain such as some of the victims of his terror might have experienced is tempered by his replacement: seventy-six year old Raúl Castro, younger, dumber hardline brother of Fidel who gave the world that other nasty bit of work, Che Guevara.

Raúl Castro has been a commie bastard longer than his older brother and looks set to maintain, if he can, the communist dictatorship’s control over the benighted people of this sad island. He may tinker at the edges of the system, but it will remain a hardline communist dictatorship in which there is no democracy and lots of grief for anyone who is inclined to speak their mind. His choice of José Ramón Machado, another hardliner two years older than himself suggests that any thought the Cuban people might have had of even a slight lifting of the yoke of dictatorship from their shoulders is illusory. Their calvary continues unabated.

I say he was ‘elected’ but that, of course, is a nonsense. The 609 members of the National Assembly of Cuba were presented by the Politburo with but one candidate for ‘election’ and one is inclined to think that trying to defy the Communist Party Whips might well be rather bad for one’s health. Rather than being shouted at by Geoff ‘BuffHoon’ Hoon, you get to be attached by your testicles to that great achievement of the Cuban Revolution, the Cuban National Grid. Hence the unanimity of his ‘election’.

In effect, then, Raúl was the popular choice of the forty-odd members of the Cuban Council of Ministers. The involvement of the rest of the eleven and a half million people of Cuba in this exercise has been precisely zero.

Still, being chosen as President by forty people is something of an improvement on the position in the EU where just twenty-seven out of 450 million of its people will vote for the new President of the Council later this year or early next, assuming, of course, that nothing derails the plan to railroad the EU Constitution through the process of ratification.

Lefties all over the UK will tonight be celebrating the smooth transition of power from one commie bastard to another and they will pass swiftly, in their Onanistic Joy, over the fact of the rank nepotism involved.

Raúl will now become a lefty hero in his own right, though not for long bearing in mind his age. He too will shuffle off like his brother, clad in dressing gown and carpet slippers, sooner rather than later. At which point the Cuban electorate will stand mutely by once more as yet another commie bastard is chosen as President for them, unless, of course, the downtrodden Cuban people decide to have a hand in it for themselves, at which point the game will be well and truly up.

Meanwhile back in London, Chairman Ken is no doubt getting himself thoroughly soused as he drinks himself under the table toasting Cuba’s new Caudillo.