A Burglar’s Toolkit
As issued to Labour Ministers

If the Taxpayer diddles the Revenue, he may well be prosecuted. And when you fire up almost any Labour politician on the subject of tax evasion (illegal) and tax avoidance (legal but deeply hated) he or she can find themselves quite literally self-combusting. But the corruption of this Labour Government is such that when they shaft the Taxpayer, they destroy the evidence.

Or try to, that is. So incompetent are they that they cannot even manage a decent cover-up as the Sunday Telegraph tells us.

The report makes it clear that Ministers and civil servants knew that up to 400,000 households paying council tax have been overcharged because they had been placed in the wrong council tax band and have had such knowledge since 2005.

Instead of doing the honest thing and owning up so that redress could be made, Ministers and Civil Servants chose instead to conceal the facts for two reasons: (1) to avoid making repayments; and (2) to avoid the inevitable adverse publicity which would attend such disclosure.

Sadly for them but fortunately for us, whoever was given the job of effecting the cover up was so incompetent that the words on the page were still legible. Thus we know that Ministers, over whom that nasty Tub O’Lard John Prescott presided, engaged in a cynical, cowardly, dishonest and corrupt course of conduct which had the effect of cheating taxpayers out of their money.

If an ordinary citizen discovers that property he is holding which he believes to be his actually belongs to another, at that moment he falls under a duty to restore the property to its rightful owner. If he then fails dishonestly to restore the property to the rightful owner he is guilty of the offence of Theft under Section 1 of the Theft Act 1968.

Why should any different standard apply to Ministers of The Crown or Civil Servants?