The Sunday Times says Nigel Farage, UKIP leader and MEP, has been doing a ‘Conway’ by having his full-time student son as an employee. If so, it would be a serious matter and, though I support the central plank of UKIP’s policy (extracting the UK from the EU), he would get it in the neck from this column. But is it true?

Well, take a look at England Expects and you will see the response to the allegations. In essence this is a robust response to the Sunday Times who will have to do a lot better if they are to avoid a writ for defamation. They have as yet to produce documentary chapter and verse concerning Mr. Farage’s son and in the absence of such, it is time to put up or shut up.

It should also be noted that Mrs. Farage is indeed employed by Mr. Farage and, according to Elaib Harvey, does the work for which she is paid. Again, if the Sunday Times can show otherwise, let them do so. If so, then so be it. I have no problem whatsoever over employment of family members so long as they do the work commensurate with their pay. There is no proof that it is otherwise here.

I also note that Mr. Farage’s party has as its treasurer one Mrs Marta Andreasen who was once employed by the EU and who was disgracefully sacked for blowing the whistle on its accounts and various shenanigans pertaining thereto. Unless reports concerning her are totally off-beam, she seems to me to be a person of probity and honesty who would be unlikely to countenance something as obvious as a scam involving Mr. Farage’s son and who would quickly blow the whistle on him: after all, she has taken on the EU so she is unlikely to be worried about dropping Mr. Farage in it.

On that basis I leave the matter: unlike Conway who had been tried, in effect, by the House of Commons and found guilty, this matter is denied and in the absence of proof, we shall leave it there.