There are many pressing problems that Gordon Brown ought to attend to – Iraq, Afghanistan, our failing education system, the creaking, wheezing NHS, the worsening economy, Northern Rock, corruption in the Labour Party, the damage Labour policies do to the countryside and the rural economy, to name but a few – but he has decided to interest himself in…..the responsibility of football captains for team indiscipline.

The Sunday Telegraph reported this yesterday with a straight face. It need not have been otherwise for all will wonder why the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is concerning himself with an issue of this nature. He has been described as obsessed with being micro-manager of every corner of the land but it really is absurd that he should be wasting his time with something of this nature.

I suppose it part of his desire not to be seen as a remote, control-freak weirdo Painted Pict but rather as a blokeish soccer fan you might meet down the pub.

But now that he and his Quisling party is in the process of reducing the role and power of his office down to that of Town Clerk, it may well be that in future this sort of thing will be entirely appropriate to his pay grade.