There are many reasons why one hopes Tony Blair tries but fails to become President of the Council of Europe. Wiping the smug smirk off his face comes readily to mind, as do some less than savoury features of his character and personality. On the other hand he might serve Euroscepticism well.

After all Smuggo left Parliament and politics under a cloud having debauched British politics in a way never before seen and at the time of his leaving was about as popular as a skunk that had just dispensed a full load of skunk sauce. In the UK, such a man could be the focus of some seriously intense hatred of the European Union, especially if his ghastly wife could be persuaded to do some really serious shopping in the designer boutiques of Paris and Brussels and engage in a few bouts of very public freeloading. And other Europeans will quickly learn to despise the little shyster. For him to realise that the cheesy grin no longer works will be a sad blow to his bloated Hubris.

But then I turn to the other supposed front-runner of the moment Jean-Claude Juncker, leader of Luxembourg (a nation smaller than pretty well every English county bar Rutland, which would weigh in at 42nd. out of 48 in terms of population) and a known Euro Fanatic, though I dare say neither will still be in the race come decision time.

He might just be perfect: imagine having a chap with a moniker like ‘Juncker’ in charge of giving all the orders. It would remind us every time his name was mentioned of just what the EU is all about: a racket primarily intended to serve German interests with a doggy-bag for the French Poodle, though I daresay it might have the Huns in permanent cringe mode, especially if Herr Juncker could be persuaded to have a suitable crew-cut, affect a monocle and wear a particularly stiff pair of shiny Cavalry boots. At any rate it would provide for almost infinite possibilities for mockery and satire.

I think I will go and polish my pickelhaube now.

Hattip: EU Referendum