Nick Robinson of Al-Beeb provides the intelligence that MPs can claim up to £400 per month for food without the producing receipts as part of their Parliamentary Expenses and Allowances. We knew about the ‘no receipt’ racket but the fact that they can have £92 per week ‘on the nod’ will further damage the already wrecked reputation of Parliamentarians.

Whilst I fully understand the rationale, given current rates of pay and so forth, for there being some sort of recompense for maintaining a second home in the capital, I am at a loss to understand why we should be subbing them for their food. After all, it is not as if they are doing something over and above what they would be doing if at their first home, since they would be consuming food in any event. Using electricity is obviously an extra expense which I can rationalise within the present system, but food simply cannot be justified.

Robinson has brought us this information from the Information Tribunal which is hearing the case brought by Mr. Speaker to stop the Taxpayer knowing anything, let alone broad details, about the way in which their money is being spent by MPs. That they should be pursuing this case at a time when the public demands that they reform the system and make it open to proper scrutiny demonstrates just how deeply hooked they are on the expenses & allowances narcotic. That doing so might be increasing the contempt felt for them by the day seems not to have occurred to them or, if it has, seems to have been ignored.

But then ‘Gorbals Mick’ spends much of every day demonstrating that he is an extremely stupid individual (and a serial beneficiary of Parliamentary largesse together with his wife who is not a public servant at all) so we should not be too surprised at his unthinking insertion of his fingers up the public’s nostrils.

Our Tribal Partygoer In His Pomp