As one wanders and meanders around the internet one occasionally stumbles upon something which is either a brilliant gem found sparkling at one’s feet or becomes noticeable because of a lingering niff that seems to follow one inexorably with every step. The former one quickly shares with others, the latter is scraped away with a mouse-click. Other material is just plain Hogwash.

In this case EuroHogwash. In the first of an occasional and entirely irregular series of posts I bring you the following which falls squarely into that category. It needs no more comment or explanation for it is, as with so much of the EU’s output, quite irredeemable:

“The European cultural sphere is a magic box full of treasures we weren’t even dreaming about. The process of common creation is the most beautiful part of this diverse ground. The most interesting components of Europe’s culture are the diversity of the union and the union of diversity. I see Europe’s cultural sphere as something not threatened but inspired by diversity. An open culture has to believe in its own power, it has to be aware of its richness to feed other cultures; but it has to be sensitive enough to be enriched by other cultures.”

Bogyay Katalin, international under-secretary of the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture launching something called The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 in Hungary, for which you will be paying.