Geoff ‘Buffhoon’ Hoon helps
Mr. Plod with his enquiries

Having recently written about the stentorian attempts of public-school educated weasel Geoff ‘BuffHoon’ Hoon, Gordon Brown’s Chief Whip, to bully some four dissentient Labour MPs into line over ratification of the EU Constitution, I was gratified to hear that this particular Labour second-rater has been caught out doing what so many Labour MPs do best: telling a bare-faced lie.

One thing which is particularly animating this weasel at the moment is the support which Mrs. Gisela Stuart (Labour MP for Edgbaston) has been giving to the I Want A Referendum campaign. They have recently been planning to hold a series of mini-referenda in marginal Labour and Liberal ‘Democrat’ seats with a view to focusing the attention of their vulnerable MPs on their abjuration of their manifesto promise to hold a referendum on the EU constitution.

One such seat was that of Conwy, a seat which has been predominantly Conservative since the second world war, but for which Mrs. Betty Williams has sat in the Labour interest since 1997, having now a mjaoirty of some 3000 votes. Here let ‘I Want A Referendum’ take up the story:


Referendum campaign switch from Aberconwy

The Welsh I Want A Referendum campaign has today made the decision not to hold its referendum in the constituency of Aberconwy on the advice of the Labour Party Chief Whip who has informed the campaign that local MP Betty Williams has been very poorly.

I Want A Referendum UK Chairman Derek Scott said: “On the advice of the Chief Whip, we have decided not to hold the referendum in the Aberconwy constituency because Betty Williams has been very poorly, and are now looking at an alternative constituency in Wales where we hope to run the campaign through February. We wish Mrs Williams a very speedy recovery.”

Derek Scott went on the radio (“PM” on Tuesday afternoon) to confirm that he had tracked Hoon down on a train somewhere and that Hoon had confirmed unambiguously that Mrs. Williams had been very ill of late.

We now know that this was a bare-faced lie, for Mrs. Williams is, as they say, in the pink. She was rather poorly some ten years ago but recovered then and has been in rude good health ever since.

So there you have it. As well as being a bully, we now have proof positive that Hoon is a liar, a characteristic that is unattractive in anyone, but positively disgraceful and dishonourable in a Barrister and a Minister of the Crown.

At the Bar fellow professionals rely on colleagues being truthful at all times in a system of trust which could not function at all if weasels like this were to lie with the facility of Mr. Hoon. When he is eventually swept from office he might want to go back to his former calling as a journeyman on the Midland Circuit where he may find that his word is no longer his bond.

In the meantime, though, how he must have laughed at his little trick when he read of the cancellation of the Conwy mini-referendum. I bet he is laughing on the other side of his face now, having been well and truly fingered for the dirty, weaselly little liar he is.