Two Sodomites Are Burnt At The Stake

In case you had not noticed, some new ‘crimes’ have been slipped into the criminal calendar these days. Not that anyone has troubled to bother with the tedious business of actually legislating these new ‘crimes’ into law, rather the ‘criminals’ are tried and, of course, found guilty by the media at the instance of the Global Warming Carbonari.

One such offence is ‘creating a large carbon footprint without the authority of The Green Lobby’. It matters not what the defence is – say, for example, advancing British Interests Worldwide – if they say you have committed the offence, that is enough and you will be taken from your home to a place of execution and there be burnt to a crisp at the bar of public opinion. Well, at the bar of the Daily Mail’s Kangaroo Court, at any rate.

The latest to be found guilty of this offence is HRH The Duke of York who is putting himself about on all our behalves to promote British Industry in the USA where he will fulfil a mind-numbing sixty engagements in eleven days. To do so he has committed the unpardonable sin of hiring a private jet to ensure he makes it on time to his six events a day. The Daily Mail, Witchfinder-General in such matters, takes him to task and compares him to Digby Jones who is slumming it on commercial flights.

That the latter might, as a result of trying desperately to be politically correct, end up as an exhausted gibbering wreck underperforming on our behalf seems not to have crossed the minds of these latter-day Zealots. But then the bringing of the guilty to book is all that matters when you have a paper to sell, doesn’t it?

Oh, and by the by, he has also committed the felony of making a handsome profit on the house he used to occupy with good-time girl Sarah, Duchess of York.

Reporters on The Times and The Daily Mail, of course, give all the profits on their house sales to charity.

Don’t they?