Kenyan Ethnicity
As Kenya dissolves into the mire of ethnic cleansing and is forced to contemplate the possibility that the forty-three year illusion that it is a model of African democracy and good governance is about to evaporate in a whiff of Nitrous Oxide, pity her poor citizens. For the man sent by the world as their saviour is none other than old ‘Sticky Fingers’ himself: Kofi Annan.

Kofi Annan, I hear you say, the 2001 Nobel Peace Laureate? Why yes, though perhaps Kenyans might care to think of him rather as the same Kofi Annan who in 1994 was given the task of doing something about the Rwandan Genocide.

The Shades of eight hundred thousand or so murdered Rwandans could tell you a thing or two about how successful he was back then, at which point said Kenyans may start to wonder what they have done to deserve the attentions of this master of the hand-wringing platitude.

Meanwhile the British Left and the Mullahs of the Race Relations Industry who once skipped about with joy at the demise of the British Empire stand idly by, mute of malice, unwilling to acknowledge that the Utopia they promised for Africa and Africans is about to be butchered once more by machete wielding tribalists.

First Zimbabwe, now Kenya, where is the voice of condemnation?

Or is it that, because the machete wielders are black Africans, none may condemn them?