Gordon Brown’s personal decision to deface our coinage so as to remove therefrom, for the first time in three hundred and fifty years, Brittania’s image, is of a piece with the real values of Labour, new and old, and reveals once more that his claim to ‘Britishness’ is utterly bogus.

As my colleague Tony Sharp has written today, this is part and parcel of an underlying plan to detach the British, and in particular the English people, from their history, their identity and their hinterland, the purpose of which is to cut us utterly adrift from our past in the name of ‘modernisation’ which is really a weasel word for ‘destruction’.

Since coming into power Labour has set about our identity as an independent nation much as a ‘slash and burn’ farmer in the Amazon basin might the rainforest. Once it has gone it can never be brought back.

I saw others who had essayed this very thing when I acted in cases at The Hague. One of the most important things that each side in the Bosnian conflict felt they had to do was to destroy anything and everything of the other side’s culture that was uniquely identified with it.

I am not sure what the beginning of such a process is called but I do know how it ends. It is called ethnic cleansing.

Thus in Sarajevo the fine National Library was repeatedly shelled and most of its priceless and irreplaceable works destroyed by Serb gunners firing from batteries on the backslopes of the mountains around the city. This was plainly an attempt to destroy a crucial part of Bosnian Muslim identity.

So too in Bijeljina in Republika Srpska where my hosts proudly showed me the site of its Mosque, a large open space that looked more like a parking lot to me:

“So Where is it?”

“Oh, we blew it up!”


“Simple! No Mosque, no Shipters!” [a rude word for Muslims of the nigger/kaffir variety]

And then to a beautiful Serb Orthodox Church above the town of Konjíc, between Sarajevo and Mostar, set back a hundred metres from the road and so beautiful that I got out and made to approach.

“No, No! You cannot go there!”

“Why not?”

“If you do, it will be the last Church you visit – we put a really complex minefield in there to make sure it stays shut forever!”

Now all that, I grant you is a good deal more radical than Gordon is proposing to do but all these were done, as Tony Sharp has observed of what has gone on here, with the specific aim of destroying anything which links us to the past. Removing a potent symbol of our nationhood such as this is for sure a way in which you can diminish any people’s sense of history and identity.

And why would they want to do it to us. Well, one reason to diminish any sense of national identity in us is to make it easier then to replace it with the new one that they would wish to forge for us. This process has already begun, long ago, when they removed our fine blue board passports from us and replaced them with something which looked more like a notebook that, without our permission, announced us as part of the European Union.

And, of course, swopping to the Euro will seem that much easier in a couple of years if we have then to discard a coinage which has only been around for a while and has yet to install itself in the nation’s affections.

If you want to find the enemies of Britain and Britannia, then look no further than Downing Street.

Pictures from: http://www.taxfreegold.co.uk and http://www.24carat.co.uk.