There is a strong sense that the EuroNabobery have for some years had a clear and distinct roadmap of where they want to drive the EU, a veritable Utopia wherein they will have all the trappings of Statehood as well as the sort of powers that few have ever held but many have coveted. Occasionally evidence of this leaks out.

When it does the EU propaganda machine and the ranks of Useful Idiots go into hyper-spin and whatever dastardly scheme has thus been revealed is turned into something altogether less alarming. Then they hurriedly stuff the evidence back into the safe lest we might start to ask questions. And dunderhead politicians, longing for a quiet life and lots of time to enjoy the fruits of their membership of the European political elite, carefully look the other way. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

The Sunday Times reports that Slovenia, currently holders of the EU Presidency under the watchful aegis of France on account of its rudimentary civil and foreign service, has allowed one such document to slip out.

This is apparently a planning document which suggests that important strategic decisions are being kept on ice until Eurosceptic countries such as the UK have ratified the Treaty. It makes it clear that MPs are to be kept in the dark as far as possible about the effective nature of the powers that they are about to ratify and which both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have already signed away.

This has by all accounts come into the hands of OpenEurope in the person of Neil O’Brien who claims that MPs are being asked to “sign a blank cheque”.

The paper, from the office of the president of the EU, reveals that matters such as the possibility of a European army and the powers of an EU president will not be determined until after the revived constitution has been pushed through.

Other issues include how the proposed EU diplomatic service will work, the powers of the new EU foreign minister and whether the European police office, Europol, will be able to expand its activities.

Some may think that the phrase ‘blank cheque’ is something of a grave understatement.

What wretched people our politicians are that they will not wake up to what is going on. What utterly dishonest people they are that they will not admit what the road map involves. Would that they might, just for a moment open their eyes and what they are pleased to call their minds. Let him who has eyes to see, see.