The Labour Gerrymander, that conscious set of subversions of the electoral system designed to give the Labour Party, at the very least, an edge in elections, finds itself wriggling in the spotlight of the Council of Europe which has been taking a look at our system of postal voting. Its verdict: it is childishly simple to defraud our electoral system.

How demeaning it is to have a bunch of foreigners come here and feel the need to criticize the system that has been put in place.

But such has been the desire of Labour to facilitate the activities of the ballot-box stuffers of places like Birmingham that they have deliberately ignored each and every warning (and many were given) that this is precisely what would happen if they persisted in relaxing the rules. One judge of an election court in Birmingham likened the whole rotten business to that which you might find in a ‘Banana Republic’.

Though it is right to say that parties other than the Labour Party have had problems with supporters who have taken liberties with the postal voting and proxy voting arrangements, the overwhelming majority of the incidents have been committed by Labour supporters.

Sadly there has also been an indication that most of this has taken place, amongst, shall we say, communities with a different cultural view of elections and the proprieties thereof which most of us brought up to view the electoral process as a serious and solemn business that was happily devoid of ‘banana republic’ practices surely resent.

One of the tasks of an incoming Conservative Government must surely be to clear out this particular set of Augean Stables that Labour has so carefully allowed to become befouled.

Will Labour do anything? Perhaps, but more likely they will try and give the impression of doing something whilst carefully avoiding remedying the worst aspects of the system: after all, they have an election to win. Hopefully they will be caught with their pants down yet again and a new Tory Government will be able to direct a more vigourous and penetrating enquiry than has hitherto been the case with Labour.