This piece from Guardianista Martin Kettle makes some of the points I have already made about the Sarkozy plan to have Blair as a French Poodle to shape the new EU according to the French view of the world. But, in typical Guardian fashion, it also makes outrageous claims that fall squarely into the Goebbels category of ‘the big lie’.

One assertion caught my eye which would, if I had been reading the hard copy thereof provoked me instantly into a piece of reading rage:

All being well, the old political structures of Europe will be reshaped a year from now. If the 27 European member states can ratify the treaty – as Britain begins to do next week – the European Union will at last be far better poised to play the role in the world that so many wish it to play, and a foolish few still fear.

‘All being well’? I suppose that is how the Guardianistas view the world: the achievement of, if not International Socialism, then at least European Socialism.

But it is the claim that ‘so many wish it to play’ a particular role in the world: how on earth does he know what the majority of Europeans want? Nobody has ever asked them, nor ever will they lest they get a big raspberry in reply. So just where does he get this from? Or does he just mean ‘so many of us ex-commies who tried so hard from the 1950s to the 1980s to secure a win for Moscow’?

And then there is the dismissive sneer concerning the ‘foolish few’ who ‘fear’ the achievement of this great benign role that these awful people so gushingly desire. One wonders if he means the majority of the British people who have indicated clearly that they want a referendum on their rotten little scheme and that they would vote it down by a landslide given half a chance. Was that ‘the foolish few’ to whom he was referring?

What a load of bull!

What a shame that Kettle should devalue an article with one or two otherwise good points with such piffle.

UPDATE: It is worth having a look at the comments appended to Kettle’s lickspittle piece if only to listen to the collective sound of a load of lefties choking on their cornflakes…….