One of the promises held out by Gordon Brown on his induction into the Office of First Lord of The Treasury and Prime Minister was an end to the culture of spin, dishonesty, deviousness, dissemblance and disingenuousness that had been the hallmark of the administration of Tony Blair and of Alistair Campbell, the most interesting Propaganda Chief since April 1945.

In celebration of which promise I hold out to you the following:


I think you are meeting David Beckham in the near future. Can you tell us why? Do you want him to have some sort of role in encouraging youngsters to get into sport?

Prime Minister:

David Beckham did a brilliant job helping us win the Olympics. He was one of the team that helped us win the Olympic decision for London for 2012 and I think the whole country was grateful for the work he and others did to make that possible. And if David Beckham could help us in the future on some of the other big national projects, that would be to the benefit of the country as well. But I have got no specific plans to talk to him about them.

Gordon Brown, January press conference, 8th. January 2008

And then this from The Daily Telegraph recording how Gordon Brown spent the evening some six or so hours after his press conference:

Former England captain David Beckham dropped into Downing Street this evening for talks with Gordon Brown about the 2018 World Cup.

The Prime Minister wants the ex-Manchester United star to assist England’s bid to host the tournament.

During an hour-long meeting at Number 10, Mr Beckham also met Sarah Brown and the couple’s two young sons, John and Fraser, along with Children’s Secretary Ed Balls and Culture Secretary James Purnell.

As he came out, Mr Beckham said he was “very proud” to meet the Prime Minister.

He added: “He is very interested in doing a lot for my academy and getting involved.”


[Gordon Brown] is thought to now be keen to work with Mr Posh Spice on the World Cup bid.

A No10 source said: “They will talk about the bid and David wants to do what he can.

What is about our Prime Minister that renders him quite incapable of telling the truth even about something relatively uncontroversial?

He must have known at midday that he had a meeting pencilled in for that evening with Mr. Beckham and that they would inevitably be talking about such as the England bid for the soccer World Cup and Beckham’s work with youngsters (hence the presence of Balls) and yet he chose to dissemble (at best) or tell a blatant lie (which is what most people will conclude) about it when asked.

If he will lie about the little uncontroversial things, most people will judge that he will lie about the larger difficult things.

If anything he has established a reputation for mendacity more quickly and more fundamental than anything that Blair managed in the Whopper Stakes in ten years of being PM. What a particularly crooked shyster this man is turning out to be.