Richard North rightly observes that the constriction of the power which formerly lay in the hands of MPs & Parliament is not confined to the present ruling party (I hesitate to use the word ‘governing’: it seems inapposite at the moment) by any means. In that sense I confess freely to having fallen into error in my piece yesterday.

It is right to say that the European Communities Act 1972 and our accession to the Treaties of Rome, Maastricht and Nice remain the law of the land and as such Conservative as well as Labour politicians will, unless they do something about it, be fettered by the effects thereof. That situation will, of course, be greatly exacerbated by our accession to the Treaty of Lisbon which is a Constitution for the EU by any other name.

It is also right to say that it is a state of affairs that existed under the Tories and, indeed, was given its own impetus by Maastricht under the aegis of John Major and therefore the Tory Party cannot evade blame for its part in the voluntary cession of power to alien, undemocratic, unelected unaccountable and largely faceless Eurocrats. They and Labour face, on those grounds, a grave indictment for what they have so carelessly tossed without our consent. And I forget not that it was a Tory Government which ensnared us in the grip of the Behemoth in the first place.

In that case it is fair of him, at first blush, to jib gently at my engagement in ‘tribal’ politics by sinking my teeth into ‘feckless socialist politicians’ whilst not doing the same to Tory ones at the same time.

There is, though, a difference between the former and the latter at this moment which is important. That is that the latter are at present campaigning to give us our say on the further major loss of Sovereignty by way of a referendum. That indicates some appreciation of the nature of the beast with which we are dealing, though it does not import a wholesale conversion to the idea of recovering in full the powers that Parliament has, without our whole-hearted consent, given away since 1971.

A sinner who has begun to repent is surely in a better moral position than one who continues flagrantly to offend, is he not?

For the latter is the position of the Labour Party, even as they have daily yet further demonstrations of the way in which their power as MPs and the power of the Government they support has diminished. They it is (along with the unprincipled Liberal ‘Democrats’) who advocate a Treaty which not only erodes our sovereignty by way of elimination of some 60 vetoes, but gives to the EU all the attributes it needs to call itself a sovereign independent state as that phrase is understood in customary international law.

So it is to them in the first instance that complaint should be directed and upon whom obloquy should be heaped for their tame acceptance of their emasculation. In addition I am not minded to be deflected from any opportunity to blacken this dishonourable, dishonest Government in the hope that that may, along with the efforts of myriad others in within and outwith Parliament, hasten the wringing of its scrawny neck and its replacement as soon as possible by a Government which will honour its promise to hold a referendum.

That said, I accept the need entirely to educate all MPs of whatever persuasion that they have little real power in a Parliament where 70-80% of our laws come by the Brussels Diktat and that the only way that they might actually do that which propelled them into Parliament in the first place, which is a desire to change and reform British society, can only now be achieved if they take back their powers from Brussels.

The alternative is to have the grandest Parish Council in the world with the finest parish pump around which to sit and do nothing of any consequence.