Feckless Socialist politicians make promises they are unable to keep. Their problem is that, being incompetent, they do not realize that most of them are incapable of being met. Above all they do not realize that they cannot be met because they have surrendered the power to fulfill them to the European Union.

The latest set of disclosures over the State’s ability but evident unwillingness to deport foreign criminals is not a new problem but one which has returned to haunt Gordon Brown who made promises in his last conference speech about foreign offenders being deported.

Sadly the Border and Immigration Agency plainly was not listening too hard as they have now evinced a positive disdain for deporting anyone who gets less than a sentence of twelve months imprisonment and not much interest in deporting those who get more. In addition they are stuck with the problem of deporting citizens of another EU member state whom the EU has made all but impervious to the process. The Telegraph today has both a report and a Leader (“Gordon Brown is in control of very little”) on this sorry state of affairs. In the former they point to the role of the EU in all this:

But it has emerged that the policy is even more lax for prisoners from 30 European countries who can spend up to two years in prison before being considered for deportation. There are about 2,500 European prisoners in Britain’s jails.

Criminals not facing deportation under the 12-month exemption included burglars, drug dealers and sex offenders. However, the higher 24-month exemption for Europeans also includes those of violent offenders.

European Union rules stipulate that only criminals considered a “serious threat” can be deported. However, other European countries have taken a more hard-line approach to ejecting convicted criminals.

This is, as usual, HMG’s approach to EU law: whilst other countries pay lip service to it, the UK obeys it slavishly.

But the real problem is the extent to which, having signed away our Sovereignty in so many areas, we are no longer masters in our own house. Almost daily now our Ministers are confronted with rules which have been made for the convenience of the French or the Germans or The Italians which are wholly at odds with our interests.

Herein lies a possibility for undermining fatally our relationship with the EU. As it gradually dawns on Ministers that they are having to implement laws in the promulgation of which they have had no say, the laws having been delivered by EU Diktat, they may well start to place the blame more prominently where it lies, with unelected EU Bureaucrats.

This shower are wont to blame anyone but themselves when they foul up and so they may well be relieved to have a bogeyman to blame when these things occur. So if they can be trained to place blame where it lies, this may help our people understand the greatest crime that these people have committed which is to have surrendered the power in the first place.

Given how pervasive is the power of the EU to legislate without our consent (by ‘our’ I mean the people of the United Kingdom who have not themselves been asked to give their whole-hearted consent to any of this since 1975) with yet more to come from the Treaty of Lisbon, or more properly the EU Constitution, many more opportunities will present themselves to those of us who abhor and have warned against this process to ensure that the people understand clearly who is making these laws and how they are made.

Every such story must be made to inflame opinion against this foreign, unelected and unaccountable domination and control of our law-making process. In this way we may, over time, overthrow the power of the EuroNabobery and boot them and their lickspittles clear back to Brussels.