With considerable care and deliberation the BBC has taken an editorial decision to emphasise that the three men recently returned to the UK from incarceration by the USA at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, have a British connection predating their detention and that is, at every turn, to describe them as “British residents”.

That has been done so as to attach to these individuals, who were not exactly living in the UK when they were detained, something of the cloak of British Citizenship the better to persuade us to give them succour after their ‘terrible ordeal’ at the hands of the American Tyrants. The mask slipped last night on BBC 2’s Newsnight when they were described as ‘British Citizens’.

A quick look at The Times thumbnail sketches of these individuals ought to place in perspective what the BBC, which seems to know no bounds in its anti-Americanism, thinks of these individuals who seem to have such a penchant for foreign travel in far away places and associations with events and people that do just a tad more than suggest they are inimical to the interests of this country.

Then there are the Useful Idiots such as Brent East Lib’Dem’ MP Sarah Bladder, a purveyor of hot air if ever there was one, sucking up to these enemies of our country, bleating on about how nasty things have been for them, being kept from their families and so on. I wonder if she stopped to think for a moment about the families of those killed in the attacks on the Twin Towers who have been deprived of contact with fathers or mothers since 2001. Permanently.

Could it be that she values the votes of her Muslim electors in Brent East, where she has been on a wafer thin majority since winning the seat dramatically from Labour at a by-election in 2003, above her duty as an MP to the United Kingdom? Brent East has, unfortunately, often brought out this tendency in its MPs for it used to be the seat held by Ken Livingstone: just look at who his best chums are and how he used to cosy up to Sinn Fein-IRA in days past.

The BBC seems bent on sowing the seeds of its own destruction, as usual, in a week when the Conservatives have floated the idea that others might be the recipient of the Broadcasting Tax (aka The TV Licence Fee). This glimpse of its anti-British, anti-American mindset is a less than subtle reminder of whose side they are really on: not ours, that is for sure.