One reason to loathe and despise Socialism and Socialists is the enthusiasm with which they criticize capitalism and tax the affluent whilst themselves espousing the all the very finest trappings of capitalism and affluence. It is a very common trait in our own home-grown Socialists whose motto is “Do as we say, not do as we do!”.

It manifests itself here as “Champagne Socialism” and has long been a defining trait of Socialists: Orwell knew it well when he satirised them in the character of Napoleon in Animal Farm who among other things gradually changes the ‘Commandments’ to allow himself privileges and justify his dictatorial rule. By the end of the book Napoleon and his fellow pigs have learned to walk upright and started to behave similar to humans.

Those who find this particular hypocrisy especially nauseating will therefore be cheered by this YouTube clip which finds Pedro Carreño, Venezuelan Minister in the Government of Ken Livingstone’s big chum Hugo Chavez, extolling the virtues of Socialism and then having his trousers taken down by an astute journalist:

Carreño: “El único camino a la paz es la justicia, dice la Biblia y lo repite el comandante presidente Hugo Chávez. El único camino a la justicia es el socialismo, no es el capitalismo, no es ese canibalismo que se quiere implementar en el Estado.”

[The only path to peace is justice, says the Bible, and Comandante President Hugo Chavez adheres to that idea. The only road to justice is socialism: it is not capitalism, it is not that cannibalism which would like to establish itself in the State.]

The journalist then asks if it is not a bit rich to be criticising Capitalism whilst sporting a tie made by Louis Vuitton and shoes made by Gucci:

Carreño: “Yo no sé que… yo… claro que………………..No es contradictorio, porque yo quisiera que Venezuela produjera todo eso y entonces yo comprar todo lo que se produzca aquí y no tener que importar el 95 por ciento de los rubros que consumimos.”

[…I do not know…..I…..that is…..It is not contradictory, because I would like Venezuela to produce all of this stuff for itself and then I would buy all of it here and we would not have to import 95% of the things we consume].

A beautiful trap laid and set off ensnaring a rabbit which was then caught in the journo’s headlights.

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