The deed is done. The Quisling Brown has slunk into Lisbon and had the photo opportunity that dare not speak its name. Be not in doubt that had a fuss not been made, Macavity would not have been there. Instead he has had to be dragged, claws sunk firmly into the floor, to the Euro Bun Fight.

Whether or not he would sign personally has been seen by some as a matter of little moment. So legally it is. Yet the presence of every other Head of State or Head of Government at the signing of the EU Constitution demonstrates beyond a peradventure that his shilly-shallying over attending the obsequies has earned him contempt on all sides and shown up not only his personal character flaws once more in stark relief but also a major misjudgement on his part.

He reminds me of some clients I have represented in the criminal courts who have had so long to think about their defence to crimes of which they were thoroughly guilty that they actually persuade themselves that they did not commit the crimes whereof they are charged. He has recited the psittacine mantra “The constitutional concept has been abandoned” so often that he has come to believe it.

Finally, then, Macavity has been coaxed, blinking, into the glare of the cameras and has left his spoor in the sands of history.

Not for him the relaxed party atmosphere and EuroMuzak of the main signing ceremony, but a separate moment in mid-afternoon watched by his Minders, Emperor José Manuel Barroso (former member of the Maoist Portuguese Workers/Revolutionary Movement of the Portuguese Proletariat and long-term Socialist) and the Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates (another long-term Socialist).

Of the earlier party, what can one say but that they all looked jolly pleased with themselves. One can imagine why: it is so much easier when you have dispensed with the tiresome task of having to campaign over months to get the whole-hearted consent of the people to your plans just to dash off a quick signature. Then onto the Champagne, caviar and foie gras and lots of mutual back-slapping as they congratulate themselves on the blagging of an entire continent.

Few of them, one suspects, are historians. If they were they might have paused for a moment and reminded themselves of the fate of all tyrants – for let us not lose sight of the fact that this was a monstrous act of tyranny today – which is that eventually the Little People tire of them and their overweening ways and sweep them from the board.

Some may think that this resolves matters once and for all and that they may now move on to yet more grandiose heights. They must shortly be disabused of that notion.

Our eyes now turn to the Irish who know a thing or two about rebellion. They have trashed Euro votes before, though their political elites made them go back to the polling booths again to get the “right” answer. It would be a supreme irony if they were now to vote ‘No!’ once more and thus save the independence of the United Kingdom. Still, I for one am humble enough in this great matter to accept help from any quarter, so all should now look to their ‘No’ campaign and see what support we can afford them.

In the meantime we must not despair and we must keep working at the coalface. Let us make them regret for ever and a day their contempt and arrogance by making this a running sore that continues to dominate and distract their agendas.

In so doing, let them understand that they cannot rule us forever without consent and that these things have a habit of ending in tears.

UPDATE: Brown’s Lie of the Day:

“You cannot make decisions and assume that people will simply follow them. Most decisions can only be successful if people are part of the process.”

To the Commons Liaison Committee whence he flew to sign the Treaty upon which he has specifically excluded the people from the decision making process.

Hat Tip to The Spectator Coffee House