Gisela Stuart, Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston, has more reasons than most to be apprehensive of the effects of the EU Constitution. She helped draft it and might be thought, therefore, to have a clear understanding of its implications; and her seat is highly marginal and likely to fall to the Tories at the next election.

She can read the polls as well as anyone and, unlike our dishonourable and dishonest Prime Minister, has responded sensitively to them. She thus understands that, however contemptuous of the electorate her leader may be, his abandonment of the clear promise to hold a referendum on the Constitution is a matter which will be placed in the balance by electors pondering their vote at the next election.

Thus she has, courageously, espoused the cause of calling for the promise upon which she and each of her fellow Labour MPs stood in 2005 to be honoured.

There are others, details of whom may be found at Referendum List who have compiled a comprehensive list of those for and against a referendum. This helpfully reveals the few Tories such as Ian Taylor (Esher & Walton), David Curry (Skipton & Ripon), John Gummer (Suffolk Coastal) and the egregious Ken Clarke (Rushcliffe) who are minded to join Labour in the betrayal of their country.

Referendum List surfaces into the news in another way today with this report in The Daily Mail:

Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs in marginal seats face fierce attacks at the next election over their refusal to back a referendum on the revised EU constitution.

Millions of leaflets will be sent to voters in the constituencies of 101 Labour and 30 LibDem MPs with majorities under 5,000.

They will accuse the MPs of treating the public like “fools”.

Organisers of the campaign say even a small backlash could unseat many of the anti-referendum MPs.

It is this list which reveals the vulnerability of Labour MPs to even a small shift in votes. Thus the refusal of an individual Labour MP to honour his or her clear election promise to support a referendum may well be a matter which helps tip the balance against them at the next election.

The despatch of these leaflets may seem like the pinprick of a mosquito on the hide of particularly stupid rhinoceros to many of these arrogant people, but if the point is made and continues to be made until the day of the vote on an amendment to the Treaty Ratification Bill which calls for a referendum to be held, then, as turkeys get nervous when the Advent Calendar arrives, they might start to re-evaluate their position.

Just at the moment these Labour and Liberal ‘Democrat’ MPs with marginal seats must, in the light of events and polls, be feeling very vulnerable, so this is a timeous move. They now have to go home for the Christmas break to their constituencies, that inconvenient interface with those who sent them to Westminster in the first place. That may well prove to be a salutary experience.

In addition those of them with young families will have, perforce, to address the likelihood that those nice little earners they get from MPs expenses will be coming to an end within a couple of years, something that may not please their respective spouses who over the last ten years may well have become accustomed to a certain standard of living which is like to evaporate in a Labour implosion. Adding another stick to beat the recalcitrant MP does therefore come at a good moment, psychologically.

Of course some of those will be either on the Payroll and therefore more amenable to Whipping or are members of the Labour “Ovine & Bovine Club” which would vote to ban Socialism if the leadership so demanded. Few of these will be moved by a mere leaflet. So be it, but do not expect any sympathy from the people who put you there as the tumbrills draw up at the front door.

In the meantime the Daily Mail also reports that, at the expense of the taxpayer, the EU is to establish its very own propaganda radio station:

The European Commission is to set up its own radio station, subsidised at a rate of £11,500 a day, to run programmes “from a European point of view” to up to 20 million listeners.

It will broadcast initially in English, French, German, Spanish and Polish, but by 2012 the number of languages will have reached 23.

Imagine the outrage if a Conservative Government were to announce that it was setting up a radio station to run programmes “from a Conservative point of view” (the Labour party already has the BBC so this does not apply to them) to be funded by the taxpayer.

It goes without saying that this is an outrageous and indefensible use of taxpayer’s money. Still, it does rather indicate that the EU is worried that the glories of the New Rome are proving hard to sell to the voters of the EU that they must have their own cancerous mouthpiece with which to disseminate the Big Lies.

It makes you wonder, though, about their target audience: what a bunch of saddos and losers they must be to want to thrill and trill along to such wonders asNew approaches for the EU sugar industrybetter known as ‘Tossie’ (towards sustainable sugar industry in Europe: really, I promise I have not made it up!) orA snapshot of EU achievementsor my favourite,First ever EU sports-related initiative sets strategy for future

Kraft durch Freude*, anyone?

*Strength through Joy