One of the pleasant things about lurking under the shade of The Umbrella is that free speech is guaranteed under the Constitution, so to speak, and thus if one expresses a contrary view one may expect lively, polite but reasoned debate, a fine contrast from some of the invective that forms the diet of other blogs.

In particular there is no danger of finding a company of North’s Arquebusiers drawn up on the lawn before The Hunting Lodge ready to storm the ramparts, nor will there be an early morning knock at the door from the Geheim Nords Polizei Amt.

Thus, without fear and in the fervid hope of not being thought terribly pompous, I venture to express my dissent from his proposition that the present imbroglio over unlawful and prima facie criminal donations to Labour is a matter of “not very much importance in the grander scheme of things”.

It is important because of its place in the Labour scheme of things, the way Labour does business in pursuit of power. It is important because it is a blatant example of the ways in which Labour has set out in calculated manner to debauch the political life of the United Kingdom and pervert the very body politic of our Kingdom. It is important because it is part and parcel of the Labour Gerrymander which seeks to sustain Labour in power for ever and a day and to procure the emasculation of all its opponents. It is important because we have a deeply corrupt government that needs must be purged of its corruption.

It is also important because the admitted facts thus far disclosed provide clear and unambiguous grounds for saying that a prima facie case exists that various of the actors in the affair have committed offences under electoral law. Given that those offences involve the funding of the party of government, something which goes to the very root of any democracy, and that Labour has since it came to power been involved in dubious conduct in relation to that funding, the time has now come to bring an end to their inclination to break the law with impunity.

It is also important because this is a government whose actions in relation to the EU Constitution pose the greatest threat to the very independence of our nation since the Second World War. In those circumstances it is legitimate to use a matter such as this to try and bring its rotten life to a premature end so that we may have the best possible chance of preventing that Treaty being ratified or coming into force.

Finally it is about the leadership of this country. These events and the events of recent weeks demonstrate clearly that, whatever Mr. Brown’s qualities might be as a Labour Politician and even as a Chancellor, he lacks the requisite qualities to be Prime Minister: courage, honesty, honour, fair-dealing, leadership, example to name but a few. None of these does this man have and we have quickly discovered what Tony Blair plainly knew only too well: that this man is not up to the job.

Thus I apologise not for keeping a weather eye on this nasty business and for adding my two penn’orth to the efforts of the blogosphere (which has shown itself to be well ahead of the MSM in much of this, particularly as regards the asking of pertinent questions that they have failed to consider) which can show in such a case the potential that it has to change the way in which political discourse takes place in this country when a political elite tries to have it all its own way.

And lastly, but not least, The Huntsman must hunt.