As is so often the case, attempts by our Sleazebag governing party and its Sleazocrat Ministers to spin their way out of trouble raise more questions than answers are provided. In addition the first few perambulations of the top are now seen to have been utterly false, as is also usual.

We now discover, from Chief Sleazebag Brown’s press conference, that Mr. Abrahams/Martin (just why did he need two names to conduct his life?) also tried to slip the PM’s leadership campaign some moolah (that must have been in May-June as that “campaign” did not kick off until after the local elections in early May) through Mrs. Kidd.

That is interesting. This generous man gave a load of dosh to the party as a whole but also to the two front runners in the deputy leadership campaign as well as making an effort to give to the probable PM. One is bound to enquire of him why he was so keen on these three people.

But should we not also enquire whether any other attempts were made to make donations to Ministers or indeed any other representative or organ of the Labour Party by this Mr. Abrahams/Martin?

The fact that Brown’s campaign team spotted the potentially iffy nature of Mrs. Kidd’s bona fides as did that of Mr. Benn raises the question of how Harriet Harman managed not to do so. For a QC who has been a Law Officer, this suggests a certain laxity of control over her campaign.

In the meantime Jack Straw went about yesterday insisting that this was a strictly limited affair and that no one else knew anything about anything. That may now be written off as just so much of the usual eyewash.

Margaret Jay seems also to have been on the qui vive for the nature of these donations. Should she not now explain what she knew and when she knew it, in particular how she came to know that this was not a straightforward donation to Hilary Benn’s campaign?

Those weaselly MPs like Denis McShane who are going round trying to embrace the Tories and others into this imbroglio by suggesting, in effect, that they are all at it should be told by their parties to shut up and stop making matters worse for Labour. Still, the squealing of these little Labour Piggies as the abattoir beckons should remind us that there is nothing so pleasureable as a hypocrite hanging from a meat-hook by his own bootstraps.

Labour made hay whilst the sun shone with the various Tory sleazebags under John Major. Now when the tables are turned they should not be surprised that the right seeks to demonstrate that Labour can dish it out but they cannot take it.

There is, of course, a significant difference between Labour and Conservative sleaze. The Tory malefactors were essentially those who transgressed for personal venality or sexual gratification. Labour’s sleaze is, where the big money is concerned, entirely directed at unfairly sustaining the party in power. That the voters of this land should mark well.

Meanwhile Gordon Brown manages to look like the unhappiest camper on the Planet. Well, he used to take a high moral tone with the Tories when they were in sleaze mode. He should not now complain if he is given a working over now that the boot is on the other foot. Couldn’t happen to a nicer chap.