Abrahamsgate has all the flavour of a nine shilling note. We now learn that the first ostensible “donor” Mrs. Dunn knows nothing at all of the donation made in her name in January 2003 and says that she has always been a Tory. If that is so, who has been using her name to make the donation?

We have also rather lost sight of the first victim of this scandal, Mr. Watt, the erstwhile Labour Party General Secretary, who, after trying to find a way round matters with lawyers on Monday, finally felt compelled to acknowledge that he was seriously up to his neck and therefore fell on his sword.

We have as yet had no explanation from him as to how and when he knew that the true donor in this instance was Mr. Abrahams/Martin and that Mr. Ruddick and Mrs. Kidd were proxies for him. Should we not be told?

In addition Mr. Watt was only General Secretary from November 2005 until this week, yet these dodgy donations started in January 2003. Who dealt with those donations that occurred before he became General Secretary? Did that person also know of the real provenance of the donations?

As I say, this is real nine shilling note stuff. To add to the flavour. I commend to you The Coffee House and Stephen Pollard as well as this from Adam Boulton which gives some more information about Baroness Jay’s state of knowledge.

UPDATE: This is from 10 Downing Street Site and is the rubric for today’s press conference. Notice anything missing from the text?


27 November – Prime Minister’s press conference

The Prime Minister took questions from local, national and international journalists today in his regular press conference. Areas covered included the EU Africa summit, Iraq, capital gains tax and the Middle East.