166 days and counting. Still Belgium’s politicians are unable to form a new Government since the June Elections. No puff of white smoke has emerged from the Palace of Brussels to signify a new administration: perhaps instead they should use different coloured waters emerging from the ‘Manneken Pis’ as an apt metaphor for Belgium’s destiny.

What Belgium’s politicians are up to just now is unclear but elsewhere one wonders if the political elite have yet begun to take notice of a singular fact. Which is that, as yet, the sky has not fallen in upon Flanders-Wallonia in their absence and that it might just be that we have discovered that we have absolutely no need of them.

Taxes are collected, the traffic still moves, people go to work, they still make fine beer and sublime chocolates, children are born and made, the street lights come on when it is dark and Manneken Pis still pees over it all.

Thus we may soon see others discreetly begin to apply pressure upon Belgium’s leaders to do a deal – any deal – to form some sort of government to make it look as though it is business as normal. If not the Little People (that is you and me, folks) might be so taken with the idea of not having politicians that they might be persuaded to dispense with them altogether.

It also might begin to dawn on us all that our national politicians actually do not matter in the least. Most laws are thrust upon us without our consent by Brussels Diktat in which circumstance you really do not need politicians, do you?

In which case, we might just have found a suitable daytime use for our lamp-posts after all……..