Given that the story of England is coming to an end, is it not a criminal disgrace that the House of Commons is but half full as Vidkun Brown makes his statement to The House on the Constitutional Treaty? And where, pray, was Pierre Lavalband, accomplice and Unctuous Little Squirt? What has he found to do that is more important than this?

The political élite have a particular knack of showing their contempt for democracy and for those who send them to Parliament. That most members should have chosen to duck this event is indicative of their disdain for the interests of The United Kingdom and of its people. Most of those there look as if they cannot wait to get away quickly enough.

To add contempt to lies, dishonour, deceit and breach of trust might be thought to be unwise when you are already unpopular as a class. That they should so blatantly do so is indicative of the depth of that contempt.

The People may be, in their eyes, a docile elephant that is occasionally allowed to bathe in the pool of democracy. They should remember that elephants have long memories and that, this time, a large knot has been tied in the elephant’s handkerchief. The time shall surely come when that knot is untied and the political élite is then called to account.