So, for Gordon Brown, it is off to Lisbon without a backward glance at the people who have placed him and his party in power. We, after all, are far too stupid to be allowed to have a say in the affairs of The Great Ones who are so wise that their heads positively hurt, so full of wisdom are they.
Still, the Emperor accurately summed up the new relationship between himself and the Tribute States that are soon to slip into the gloaming of history:

“There are no reasons, no excuses not to solve this issue this week.”

You have been given your orders, now is the time to obey. That is the message he has sent out in clear to all those who have shown any sort of resistance to this process.

“My message is clear. We need to put this institutional debate behind us. We cannot spend all our time discussing institutions. We have spent six years discussing the institutional architecture. It is time to move on.”

So the British people will not be allowed to stand in the way of the Union moving on. There is no more time and the EuroNabobery are tired of us whining and belly-aching about having our independence stripped from us. Let there be an end to it. Get a life and just remember to keep sending the loot so we can keep on pouring it down the sink.

We will remember this moment, however, whatever may be the spin that is put on it. We will remember the moment and the people who brought us to it, even after the Union rewrites our history books for us so that new generations of Union Citizens might better understand how glorious a moment this really was. We will not forget it, but most importantly we will not forgive it.

I watched yesterday a clip of Douglas Hurd signing the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. Afterwards he was pictured at the post-surrender knees up holding his champagne glass with a napkin round the stem as if he did not want to leave his fingerprints at the scene. Will Macavity take this process even further and avoid even showing up at the Euronabob’s Bun Fight? After all he may just have enough shame left to avoid being seen to celebrate the effacing from the history books of the United Kingdom. But I doubt it.

Already though he is trying to spin his way out of the mess into which he has got himself. For he has deliberately picked a ‘fight’ with Nicholas Sarkozy of France by writing an open letter to fellow party-goers calling for the Union to promote free trade and openness. Sarkozy, you may remember, has it in mind to neuter the Union’s commitment to free trade so that he can ring-fence his industries even more than they already are, thus saving his miserable hide from the relentless march of globalisation and the Anglo-Saxon Conspiracy.

Given that, according to a YouGov poll in today’s Daily Telegraph, opinion is actually hardening in favour of a referendum, the idea that Gordon Brown is trying to promote ‘openness’ in The Union must rank as a very grave example of that most serious of offences that may be committed against the body politic of this ancient land: humbuggery.