One likes to be ahead of the game, if at all possible. I am pleased to say that I wondered aloud, so to speak, a week ago that the specific ruling out of an election until 2009 might be the catalyst for the Lib ‘Dems’ to take Ming Campbell off to the abattoir post-haste. Now the sound of the bolt-gun echoes around the Palace of Westminster.

Here is what I said early on Monday morning of last week:

There is one little feature in all this which seems not yet to have been picked up and that is to wonder why he now appears also to have ruled out 2008, so putting May 2009 as perhaps the next earliest date for an election. Might it be that he hopes that the Lib ‘Dems’ will think eighteen months is enough time to bed in a new leader and that they might now safely take the chance of ditching Campbell? If so, it is a remarkable thing for he and Campbell are said to be friends. But then one is reminded of that other Liberal (in more ways than one) Leader Jeremy Thorpe’s observation:

Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his friends for his life.

I shall carve a notch in my keyboard forthwith.